7 Goals to Set for Yourself in 2019


Spend less time on your phone. With apps like “Offtime,” “Moment” and “Breakfree” you can block distracting apps and even set timers for how much screen time you want to have per day. Another tip is to practice not looking at your phone right when you wake up. Make a cup of coffee, breathe in some fresh air, clear your mind and set goals for the day before filling your brain with the blue light from your phone. This is the same for falling asleep, try and stop using your phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime


Write down or say out loud to yourself 3 things that you are grateful for. Can be as small as having your laundry done and as big as your health. Making a mental note of gratitude every day is a great way to get out of the tunnel vision that surrounds us during our busy lifestyles.


Cut out fake sugar. By fake I mean sugar that isn’t from something natural like fruit. You’d be surprised how much more energy you’d have and how much better your overall mood will become without sugar weighing you down.


Call people you’ve lost touch with. Whether it’s a family member that lives far away or an old high school buddy you haven’t seen in a while, keeping long term relationships is a great way to feel grounded in who you are as a person and your journey thus far in lif


Complain less. Even if you think your complaints are warranted and the world is unfair, keep them to yourself. It only brings you down and the people around you. Make a conscious effort to not voice your complaints or wines or moans and groans. Overtime, you’ll realize, they aren’t so bad.


Try a new exercise class that once intimidated you. Kickboxing? Soul Cycle? Pilates? Something you’ve never done before. You’ll be proud of yourself afterwards and unchartered territory won’t seem as scary.


Don’t be so hard on yourself. Work on not beating yourself up every time you eat a piece of cake, or are late to work, or forget something you were supposed to remember. You’re only human, cut yourself some slack. 

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