Meal Prep Tips To Start Your Week on the Right Foot

Buy tupperware you can be proud of: We all have that dreaded tupperware drawer where none of the lids fit and there’s a faint yellow stain on everything. It’s embarrassing to bring them into the office, we get it. So invest in some nice tupperware that you aren’t ashamed of and that might even make you excited to prep for the week.

Always include a protein, a veggie and a grain in your meals. The protein will keep you focused during work, the veggies will keep you full and the grains will give you that little bump of energy we all need around lunchtime.

Decide when you’re going to prep your meals and then stick to it. If Sunday night at 6:00pm is meal prep time for the week, get in the habit of being consistent and sticking to it.

Portion control! Read the back of packages and measure out your serving sizes, it makes a difference if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your current weight.

Get a meal prep buddy: whether it’s your husband, girlfriend, best friend or pet fish…meal prepping doesn’t have to be done alone!

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