The Best Bars for St. Patrick’s Day Near Your June Home

The Best Bars for St. Patrick’s Day Near Your June Home

With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, pinpointing the perfect bar to spend the holiday can be a hassle with so many to choose from. But we’ve got you covered, and you don’t have to travel too far from your June Home to feel the luck of the Irish!

1.Dylan Murphy’s: Upper East Side

Dylan Murphy’s: Upper East Side

Hey Upper East Siders. If you’re looking for an authentic Irish pub experience on St. Patrick’s Day, then definitely check out Dylan Murphy’s. Located in the heart of the Upper East Side at 1453 3rd Ave, you’ll immediately get into the spirit of the holiday considering the fact that all the bartenders are from Ireland and know how to pour a good Guinness (some are even known to hop on the bar for a song or two!). So grab a beer and enjoy some quality bar time.

2. The Four-Faced Liar: West Village

The Four-Faced Liar: West Village

Calling out all June Homers in the West Village, be sure to stop by The Four-Faced Liar on St. Paddy’s Day! You can count on having a fun and (maybe, after a few beers) memorable night at the laid-back Irish pub. Although you might not see shamrocks hanging on the walls, this bar gives the classic Irish pub a Manhattan twist with its warm decor and eclectic music. Located on the charming block of West 4th Street, this bar offers a variety of beers, live performances, and both American and European sporting events on their flat-screens. Sounds like The Four-Faced Liar checks off all of our St. Patrick’s day needs, and that’s the truth!

3. Peter McManus Café: Chelsea

Peter McManus Café: Chelsea

At first glance, this Chelsea-located bar might just seem like another New York-style Irish pub. But look around some more and you might recognize this place. The historic Peter McManus Café has been featured in movies such as The Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, and TV shows like Saturday Night Live and Seinfeld. So if you’re all about an Insta-worthy night along with a quality drink, definitely stop by Peter McManus Café on St. Patrick’s Day!

4. Finn McCool’s: Capitol Hill/Barracks Row

Finn McCool’s: Capitol Hill/Barracks Row

Whether you’re in Capitol Hill or right on Barracks Row, Finn McCool’s is the place to be on St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish pub has two story skylines with bars on both levels, which is always a good thing since bars can get packed on St. Patty’s Day. This pub is a neighborhood favorite, so it’s a great way to meet some fellow Capitol Hill residents, while also drinking some good beer!

5. Emmett O’Lunney’s: Midtown

Emmett O’Lunney’s: Midtown

If you’re in the mood for more of a sit-down meal kind of day on St. Patrick’s Day this year, then definitely head over to Emmett O’Lunney’s near our Midtown locations. This pub serves all the staple Irish dishes like Shepherd’s Pie and Bangers and Mash, and their drink menu is pretty extensive if we do say so ourselves. This place is the perfect balance of a chill restaurant with classic Irish pub fun!

6. The Dead Poet : Upper West Side

The Dead Poet : Upper West Side

You may have heard of this bar before due to all of its press for being a go-to spot on the Upper West Side! The Dead Poet is definitely a must on your St. Patty’s Day bar-crawl with it’s warm, yet lively vibes. The pub was designed as somewhat of an homage to the prominent writers of Irish poetry and literature, which you can see throughout the bar’s walls which are filled with portraits and quotes of the greats. This bar can make anyone feel Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

7. Hogshead Tavern : Harlem

Hogshead Tavern : Harlem

If you’re more into the cool and trendy bar scene, then stop by Hogshead Tavern located near our Harlem locations. Known for their long list of craft beers and yummy bites, this bar is definitely one of our top picks for a casual drink and dine experience on St. Patrick’s Day!

8. The Craic : Brooklyn

The Craic : Brooklyn

Sometimes… or actually most of the time, St. Patrick’s Day can be a bit too crazy for some of us. So if you still want to grab a good Irish whiskey or beer on this day in March, but want more of a relaxing and chill vibe, then definitely consider stopping by The Craic in Brooklyn. The cozy decor mixed with a vibrant bar make us feel like we’re in an Irish pub oasis. Play some pool and catch up with some old friends in this unique spot!

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