Underrated Getaway Spots Near NYC

Sometimes we all need a little vacay and to spend some quality time with friends. But traveling to the same places every time can be a snooze, so we’ve rounded up a quick list of underrated road trip destinations that aren’t too far from your cozy June Home location!

  1. Beacon Hill, Boston, MA

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, “Why would I spend my time traveling from one busy city to another?” But trust me, a road trip to Beacon Hill is worth your time off. Although located within the hustle and bustle of the Boston area, this charming neighborhood will make you feel as if you have escaped the city and travelled back in time to Victorian Massachusetts with cobblestone streets and picturesque brick row houses. The historic Beacon Hill streets are lined with quaint antique shops, chic boutique stores, and cafés that will keep you busy all day.

2. The Berkshires, MA

Adding to the list of underrated Massachusetts locations, the Berkshires is a nature-lover’s dream destination. Located in the the mountains of West Massachusetts, the Berkshires is made up of various towns and villages. Enjoy a scenic hike on the Appalachian Trail through Saddle Ball Mountain or plan a ski trip to Butternut Basin, a resort on Warner Mountain. And don’t forget to fuel up at one of the many farm to table restaurants throughout the county!

3. Saranac Lake, NY

Another nature-lover’s go-to road trip destination is the village of Saranac Lake in Upstate New York. If you happen to be a canoer, then look no further! Upper, Middle, and Lower Saranac are all three great spots for canoeing, along with other outdoor activities, depending on how intense you want to get with the sport. The historic and iconic Hotel Saranac is a must-see on this road trip, as well as a hike through the High Peaks Wilderness Area, which is located just outside of town.   

4. Ocean Grove, NJ

To round out this list, we’re bringing it back to the good ol’ Jersey Shore. And no, this isn’t the Jersey Shore that is portrayed on MTV (I’m pretty sure most of the cast isn’t even from NJ). Ocean Grove is the perfect summer road trip getaway if you want historic village vibes as well as a day at the beach. The narrow streets of Ocean Grove are lined with ornate and colorful houses, shops, and cafés that give off a sense of nostalgia. Make sure to cool off at Days for a scoop of delicious homemade ice cream and then take a walk over to The Great Auditorium, the famous amphitheater where concerts are held all year round from artists like The Beach Boys. End your day with a walk on the beach boardwalk which borders the quaint Jersey town.

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