Savvy Building Owners are Doubling Down on the Student Housing Market

Savvy Building Owners are Doubling Down on the Student Housing Market

And it’s paying off with +30% Property Returns

Fifty-five percent of all college students in the U.S. live in rental housing.

As a result of the pandemic, U.S. student housing trends have shifted to micro-units, studio-type dwellings, and double-bedroom apartments, as students desire more privacy (or seclusion) than dormitories can provide. 

Smart building owners looking to maximize their rental occupancy by renting multiple spaces within a unit, will do well by seizing on the opportunity this shift in student housing has made available. But for those going it alone, double occupancy can be perceived as double work.  

Made up of real estate, property management, and marketing experts, the team at June Homes succeeds in attracting, vetting, and managing tenants of shared apartments. Generating thousands of leads every month through our massive database of pre-qualified renters, our team provides access to not only high achieving young people searching for clean, safe apartments but long-term occupants who are looking to support the community in which they reside. 

June Homes members typically prioritize having a flexible lease (53.25%), a fully furnished option (38.31%), and an affordable place (21.43%)

To secure our 95% occupancy sold rate, June Homes ensures that units are move-in ready. Our process of inspecting, upgrading, and listing units in under 72 hours ensures your investment property values increases immediately.

According to Daniel Mishin, Founder and CEO of June Homes, renting –– one of the largest expenditures most people make –– should not be left to guesswork.  Data-driven rental pricing benefits renters and landlords alike. “When we price our units, we, in real-time, adjust our price to the actual demand of what’s actually going on.” 

Through partnering with June Homes, landlords are capitalizing on student housing market trends and renting multiple spaces within a unit without increased time and effort.

With a network of vetted world-class property managers, maintenance professionals, and 24/7 support, June Homes manages all the time-consuming tasks of apartment tours, tenant requests, maintenance, rent collection, and more – helping owners maximize occupancy and peace of mind.

Looking to attract vetted student renters to your property? Contact a June Homes rental expert today to get started.

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