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Seeking the perfect rental that aligns with your digital nomad or WFH lifestyle? Your quest ends here. We’re cutting straight to the chase, giving you the lowdown on where to find digital nomad housing, apartments, and rentals that mesh well with your need for flexibility, community, and conducive work environments.

The Go-To Platforms for Digital Nomads

  • June Homes stands out for short-term rentals in major cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago, and DC. Ideal for those spontaneous moves or brief city stints.
  • Homelike offers that cozy, ‘just-right’ feeling with flexible living across Europe. A prime pick for continent hoppers.
  • Nomad Stays keeps it global, perfect for those with a case of wanderlust looking for a place to dock their laptop.
  • VRBO caters to the adventurous at heart, offering unique stays that could inspire your next project.
  • Facebook Groups and Marketplace – don’t overlook these digital goldmines for insider deals and community recommendations.
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Adding More to Your List

But why stop there? Explore further with platforms like Flatio, Selina, Outsite, and RemoteBase, each with its unique twist on digital nomad living. Whether it’s a community-driven coliving space or a global apartment solution you’re after, these sites have got you covered.

Straight Answers to Your Top Questions

  • How do digital nomads rent? Start with platforms designed for flexible living; they understand the nomad lifestyle and offer month-to-month agreements.
  • Where do digital nomads find accommodation? Apart from the platforms mentioned, explore niche Facebook groups and forums. Real experiences from fellow nomads can lead you to hidden gems.

Why These Platforms?

Each platform listed brings something unique to the table:

  • Flexibility: Jump from city to city with monthly rentals.
  • Community: Find your tribe with platforms offering communal living or events.
  • Variety: From urban apartments to seaside villas, pick what suits your mood and work vibe.

Keeping It Simple

We promised no fluff, and we’re sticking to it. The digital nomad and WFH lifestyle thrives on flexibility, community, and the freedom to explore. The platforms highlighted here understand that ethos, offering rentals that aren’t just places to stay but homes that cater to your mobile lifestyle. Whether you’re ready to book your next stay or just exploring your options, these sites provide the perfect starting point to make your nomadic dreams a reality.

What to keep in mind when searching for a new place to stay as a remote worker

The right neighborhood

When you’re renting as a remote worker, it is essential to choose the right neighborhood, so be sure to “vet out” the different areas you’re considering. When checking out an apartment, pay attention to its proximity to amenities like grocery stores, parks, and coffee shops. These places nearby will come in handy on workdays, so you can head out quickly to grab groceries or get some fresh air when you need a break.

A neighborhood with a good “alternative workspace scene” is also a bonus. Living close to places like coffee shops, co-working spaces, or libraries means having options regarding where you work. Every once in a while, you’ll need a change of atmosphere, and working somewhere different can help you feel more motivated and therefore be more productive.

You’ll also want to consider a neighborhood’s general noise level. If your rental area is full of traffic and other loud tenants, it might be a hard place to focus. Look for an area that has other professionals and remote workers so that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded others who also appreciate the quiet. Pro tip: don’t forget to assess not only the neighborhood’s day noise levels, but its night noise levels too for a holistic idea of the atmosphere.  

A fast and stable Wi-Fi connection

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As a remote worker, the stability and speed of your Wi-Fi is going to be of the utmost importance. You want to be sure that the location you rent has an exceptional Wi-Fi provider with top-notch speeds available to you at a good price. Test out Wi-Fi speeds in advance so that you can be sure they’re going to meet your needs. Also be sure to call internet providers and find out what plans will be available to you before you sign any lease. 

As a future tenant, you need to explore the actual download and upload speeds. You should also find out what router the internet service provider will provide when you sign on. Make sure that the router will meet your needs, or you may have to purchase a different router for your work. Some routers are designed to handle much more traffic and many more devices than others.

Furnished spaces for remote workers

If you work remotely, you’re not required to live in any place permanently. You may even have a job that could need you to relocate. If this is the case, it’s easier to travel light and keep your possessions to a minimum. This way, it will be much easier for you to move and relocate if necessary. 

If this is your lifestyle, consider renting a furnished space. Owning a large amount of furniture and other items in your rental area can make moving more difficult and expensive when the time comes. If you choose to travel light and rent a furnished space, you can manage your move quickly and efficiently without the help of a moving service. 

Flexible lease terms

When working remotely, flexible lease terms can make a world of difference. Since your assignment or situation might change, you may need to change residences or locations quickly. This can be tricky when you are locked into a long lease. A lease with flexible terms leaves you with options and helps you avoid hefty fees or lost security deposits.  

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Being able to tour apartments virtually and sign leases electronically also helps the search for homes in different cities. There are increasingly more options to help remote workers find apartments and living spaces with ease, so look out for these conveniences. Be sure to also carefully read any lease before signing and make sure that you have a potential exit clause in case you need to move on short notice. Having a month-to-month agreement or even a three-month or six-month lease is ideal. If this is not offered, don’t hesitate to ask if it could be accommodated, perhaps with a higher deposit. 

Access to multiple apartments across different cities

If you anticipate having to move frequently for your job, especially as a remote worker, having access to multiple apartments across many cities could be incredibly helpful. If you sign up for home networks that offer this type of flexibility, your work-life could become much more straightforward. It can be very time-consuming to repeatedly have to search for apartments with lease terms that meet your needs every time you need to travel as a remote worker.

Did you know that with June, you can travel the country whenever you need and have access to a variety of apartments in different locations? This reduces the stress that comes with apartment hunting and allows you to enjoy the consistency of the same rental company, helping you know what kind of quality of living situation to expect every time.


In summation, the growing population of remote workers in the United States must take extra care when designing their next living experience. As a remote worker, you need to ensure your next rental is ideal for both living and working, with low noise levels, ample amenities, and a strong Wi-Fi connection, since the quality of your work could depend on this. 

You will also want to take into consideration how flexible your rental is, particularly when it comes to the ease with which you can move. Making sure to keep your possessions at a minimum and having a flexible lease make a huge difference, particularly if you work for a company that allows or requires you to work from different locations. This way you can always be ready to relocate if necessary, without having to spend an inordinate amount of time finding acceptable housing that is conducive to remote work. 

Following these simple tips will make your remote work lifestyle much easier. Luckily, today you have options. If you are looking for apartments ideal for remote workers you can rent with June Homes. We can help you minimize the stress of renting by choosing a rental that is as flexible as your lifestyle. Remote workers have unique needs that should always be addressed in advance. 

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