Short Term Rentals & Temporary Furnished Apartments for Rent Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is a bustling metropolitan. The city is famous for its Hollywood film industry, Mediterranean climate, and diverse economy. However, it is a pretty expensive place to live.


The average rent in LA is almost double the national average. But you still want to experience the glamorous nightlife, bask under the sun on the beach, and walk on the palm-tree-lined boulevards. Consider getting a short-term lease to get the most out of this great city without breaking your bank.


Short-term rentals afford you the flexibility of moving around. They are an excellent option when you’re looking to explore the city without the hustle of finding and committing to long-term rental agreements.

Plus, you get more amenities than traditional hotels for the same price.


LA is a vast city, and you don’t want to be limited on places you can visit because you can’t get out of your long-term agreement. June Home offers short-term rental furnished apartments in Los Angeles with comfortable amenities so you can enjoy your stay as you explore.



Finding a Furnished Apartment in Los Angeles

From picket-fence suburbs to soaring skyscrapers and beachfront, here are some of LA’s neighborhoods.


Downtown LA hosts many art and culture attractions like the Walt Disney Concert Hall. There are also art galleries, walks, cinemas, and museums like The broad.


Santa Monica is one of the finest coastal neighborhoods with glorious sunsets, welcoming weather, and white sandy beaches. It has a gorgeous coastline and is one of the upscale leafy neighborhoods.


Silver Lake is an artsy, laid-back district with lots of places to dine, a jogging path, and a dog park, while Beverly Hills is the land of the rich, with lavish hotels, opulent estates, and perfectly manicured properties. It offers celebrity sightseeing, high-end shopping, and other attractions.

For Korean culture, karaoke, and a diverse urban scene, check out Koreatown.



Things to Do in Los Angeles

You can never run out of cool things to do in LA. Here are some you should try out.


  • Sunbathe and watch sunsets at Venice beach. Visit the Abbot Kenney boulevard for stylish boutiques, cafes, galleries, and trendy restaurants.
  • See and take photos at the famous Hollywood sign.
  • Take in panoramic views of the Ocean at the Santa Monica Pier.
  • Visit the TCL Chinese Theater 
  • Visit Universal Studios and enjoy live-action shows, behind-the-scenes movie-making presentations, and a tram ride.
  • Tour the Walt Disney Concert Hall
  • Tour Catalina island and experience its Mediterranean flair and clear blue waters
  • Explore the world of art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  • Tour the glamorous, crown jewel city of LA, Beverly Hills. 
  • Car enthusiast? The Petersen Automotive Museum has 25 galleries with an eclectic collection of 150+ classic and rare motorcycles, cars, and trucks.
  • Visit the Paramount Pictures Studios
  • Explore the Runyon Canyon Park and get panoramic views of the city.
  • Spot Hollywood celebrities along Rodeo Drive. You can also shop for designer jewelry, bags, and clothing at the 100+ designer stores and enjoy a spa day at this upscale shopping street.

There are still a lot of sights to see in LA. With a short-term rental, you can afford the flexibility to move around and explore this great city. June Homes can help you find a furnished short-term rental anywhere in LA.



Los Angeles Neighborhoods


FAQs About Short-Term Rentals in Los Angeles

Finding short-term rentals in Los Angeles can be challenging, especially for first-time visitors. Luckily, June Homes can help you navigate the process. Here are some of the common questions we get from people looking for short-term rentals in LA.

How Much Is It To Rent A Furnished Studio In Los Angeles For One Month?

The average cost of renting a studio apartment in LA is $1,500. Depending on your priorities, there are amazing neighborhoods with decent apartments. However, bear in mind the neighborhood hugely affects how much you pay. For instance, studio apartments in Beverly Hills are much more costly than in Paramount or Norwalk.

What Is the Average Cost of Rent for Rooms in Los Angeles?

On average, the cost to rent an apartment in Los Angeles is around $2,500 per month. That price may vary if utilities are included, the neighborhood you’re in, and the quality of the apartment. For a private bedroom with shared common area, June Homes’ prices typically range from $900 to $1,500.

How Do I Find Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles?

With June Homes, you can find a room for rent for as little as 30 days in Los Angeles with no obligation to stay any longer. If you love your room, we allow extensions and welcome you to stay for even a year and a half if you like.

How Do I Rent a Room in Los Angeles?

To complement your modern LA life, June Homes has a 100% online application process that involves submitting all of your paperwork electronically and signing a flexible lease that fits your lifestyle. We have an app where you can get 24/7 support whenever you need something. Getting your own room in Los Angeles has never been more streamlined or efficient!

How To Find Alternative Rental Options In Los Angeles?

While LA is a hub for everything fun and other things you need to tick off your bucket list, it’s also costly. You don’t have to rent an entire apartment as other alternative rental options exist.

June Homes offers shared rooms in a furnished apartment. The rent is cheaper than an entire apartment; you can rent a room for as little as 30 days without an obligation to stay longer.

What is the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA?

The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles starts at $2550 per month. As of February 08, 2023 there are 1 1-bedroom apartment available for rent in Los Angeles, CA

What is the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, CA?

The average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles starts at $3550 per month. As of February 08, 2023 there are 2 2-bedroom apartments available for rent in Los Angeles, CA

What is the average rent for a room in Los Angeles, CA?

The average rent for a room in Los Angeles starts at $1575 per month. As of February 08, 2023 there are 61 rooms available for rent in Los Angeles, CA