Why landlords choose June Homes

10x Faster lease-up time

99.8% Collection rate

June Homes is a national housing brand and operator that specializes in flexible furnished rentals for the new generation of renters.

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What we do

  • 5x Faster leasing

    5x Faster leasing

    Our 7 days/week professional leasing office paired with our cutting-edge technology will fill your building 5x faster than the traditional way.

  • 24/7 tenant support

    24/7 tenant support

    Our 24/7 success team and experienced building staff manage tenant and maintenance issues quickly and efficiently at no cost to you.

  • Monthly call with analyst

    Monthly call with analyst

    Every month our professional in-house analyst will walk you through your property performance as well as benchmarks and current market trends.

  • Real-time owner dashboard

    Real-time owner dashboard

    You will have real-time analytics and detailed insights to the performance of the property, including tenant info, collections info, and more.

  • Professional collections team

    Professional collections team

    We have built a proprietary tenant underwriting technology and business process paired with 7 days/week accounting team.

    99.8% collection rate

Case studies

Washington, D.C.Washington, D.C.

Four Bedroom/Two Bathroom

Upper East Side 2019

Apartment in a 28 unit building operated by June Homes. Launched in August 2019


Occupancy rate**


NOI increase


Time on market – 75 Days

Average rent per sq.ft. – $4.4


Time on market – 12 Days*

Average rent per sq.ft. – $5.7

* Days on market post-launch** Historical occupancies throughout duration of each unit

How It Works

  • Tablet



    You provide us some basic information about your property

  • Laptop



    Our in-house analysts build you a customized proposal within 24 hours

  • Negotiation process



    We walk you through our process, answer questions and sign an agreement

  • Property chart



    After performing quick upgrades and furnishings, we will advertise and lease up your property to qualified tenants

  • Team



    Our 24/7 support team will handle all tenant communications, collections and will dispatch maintenance tickets to your personnel.

National scale

June Homes is rapidly expanding across U.S. and has international ambitions

Units open

Units open

New York, Washington D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin

Coming soon

Coming soon

Miami, Denver, San Diego, Dallas, Houston


Here are some answers to most frequent questions. If you have any more, please get in touch with us and we'll help.

Where does June Homes operate?

June Homes currently operates in New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Austin. We have plans to continue expanding to other major metropolitan areas in the coming months.

What is your agreement structure?

June Homes does not charge owners a brokers’ fees or any other service fees. In fact, we structure our deals to increase landlords’ profits through revenue share agreements. When operating a property, June Homes will invest up to $10,000 a unit in capital expenditure during our initial take-over period, and we will structure our agreements to recoup that investment over time from our increased rents.

How does June Homes select residents?

We strive to build comfortable residences and a safer community. Every prospective resident of June Homes goes through an application process including a background check (as permitted by law) and credit check.

What types of properties does June Homes work with?

June Homes works with owners and managers of single-family and multi-family homes. We operate studios, multi-bedrooms, multiple units, and entire buildings.


June Homes is an excellent partner for us, they have filled our properties very quickly and have always been there to answer any questions or provide information.


Owner in Washington, D.C.

This model is just genius. Why has no one done this before, it just makes so much sense for both owners and tenants. We love June Homes and have bought multiple properties to increase our footprint with them.


Owner in NYC

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