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Furnished & Flexible Apartments for Travel Nurses & Healthcare Workers

with flexible lease lengths
    Better for your budget
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      Flexible lease lengths

      June prices are in line with local rentals, and our flexible lease options allow you to stay for a duration that best suits your budget.

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      All inclusive pricing

      June residents have access to perks like home essentials, monthly cleanings of shared apartments, and 24/7 maintenance support for a monthly fee.

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      Ways to save

      Rent furnished to avoid high moving in costs and rent with roommates to split utility expenses.

    Short-term housing options

    Shared apartments 
with vetted roommates

    While working as a travel nurse, consider living with roommates in a shared apartment. Not only does this make moving to a new city easier, but it's an easy way to cut down on costs, as you'll share utility expenses. The safety of June residents is of the utmost importance to us. That's why we vet all prospective renters with credit and background checks, so you can have confidence in who will share your temporary home.

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    Private apartments

    If you prefer to live alone while working as a travel nurse, we can accommodate that too. In a private apartment with June, you'll have the luxury of complete autonomy and privacy when you need down time from work.

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    Short-term Housing Options for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers

    We understand how challenging it can be to find a rental customized to your needs when preparing for a new job assignment. That's why we we've designed a renting process that's as straight forward as possible: you choose to rent furnished or unfurnished, with roommates or alone, and for one to eighteen months or longer. If you're not satisfied after moving in, we'll help you switch to a new home within the first week at no extra cost.

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