Welcome to Your Chicago Student Housing Hub with June Homes

Whether you’re attending the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology, or any of the Chicago universities, or you’re here for a dynamic summer program, June Homes makes finding the right student housing crucial to your success and well-being. Our flexible and diverse housing options are designed to fit every student’s needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Why сhoose June Homes for your Chicago student housing?

June Homes is dedicated to making your student housing experience in Chicago as seamless and comfortable as possible. With options ranging from private rooms to entire apartments, and the flexibility of short-term leases, June Homes caters to the unique demands of student life in the city.

Fully furnished rooms and apartments for your study needs

Understanding the unique challenges and needs of student life, June Homes offers a variety of fully furnished rooms and apartments, making your move to Chicago as smooth as possible. Each furnished space is thoughtfully designed with students in mind, featuring study areas, comfortable living spaces, and all the essentials you’ll need for day-to-day living. This means you can focus more on your studies and less on setting up your living space, knowing that everything from a cozy bed to a functional desk awaits you.

Location, location, location

Proximity to your university is key, and we understand this better than anyone. Whether you’re searching for an apartment near the University of Chicago in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood, a cozy spot near Northwestern University in Evanston, or accommodations close to the Illinois Institute of Technology in the vibrant Bronzeville district, June Homes’ extensive listings offer a variety of choices to keep you close to your classes, libraries, and campus life.

Guarantor Support

Understanding the financial constraints and co-signing challenges students often face, June Homes provides a guarantor support system for those who need it. This service aims to simplify the rental process, ensuring all students have access to comfortable and secure housing, regardless of their financial backing.

Pre-set WiFi Connectivity

In today’s connected world, instant internet access upon move-in is not just a convenience but a necessity. June Homes ensures that all our accommodations come with pre-set WiFi, enabling students to connect to their online classes, research, and entertainment without any delay or hassle.

Summer and semester housing solutions

We go beyond the traditional academic year, offering flexible student summer housing in Chicago. This is an ideal solution for students engaging in summer internships, courses, or research projects who need short-term housing that aligns with their summer schedules. You can enjoy the convenience of hassle-free leasing agreements, whether you’re staying for a few months or the entire academic year, ensuring your housing situation is as flexible as your ever-changing student needs.

Can international students rent in Chicago through June Homes?

Absolutely, international students can find suitable housing in Chicago through our services. We specialize in student-friendly accommodations that streamline the process with minimal paperwork. Our dedicated team is here to assist you throughout the entire process, allowing you to concentrate on your studies and make the most of your time in the city.

How can I afford housing in Chicago as a student?

Prioritize options like shared apartments or rooms, explore housing grants or scholarships, and consider platforms like ours that offer flexible, budget-friendly solutions tailored for students.

What are the best off-campus student housing options in Chicago?

The best options often combine affordability, proximity to your university, and access to essential amenities. Look for accredited properties or platforms specializing in student accommodations.

Can I find student housing for just the summer?

Yes, many providers offer short-term leases for students seeking summer housing, perfect for those involved in internships or summer courses.

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