Some of your most frequently asked questions; answered.

At June Homes we’re committed to making renting quality apartments as easy and stress free as possible. Our mission is to make you feel at home instantly, by redefining the way people rent with unparalleled flexibility at fair market prices

All of our homes are available with flexible terms, meaning you can lease for 1–18 months. New to the city? Consider moving in for two months and then trying out a new neighborhood. Need a roommate? We also offer shared apartments to our member-only community. Our design team ensures that each home meets our standards, and you can select between furnished or unfurnished. It’s your call. It’s your home.

At June Homes, we take your health and safety seriously, and expect our members to do the same. In light of these unprecedented times, we have taken the following precautions:

Home tours are conducted virtually as often as possible, through our quality video conferencing with a caring team member. If we visit in person, we comply with all safety regulations (wear a mask, distance and limit the time spent in the unit). Extra sanitization instated in all shared homes, and quality professional cleaning strictly implemented before & after stays. Remote check-in & 24/hr virtual support via our app, phone & email.

It is our policy for all new members to notify June Homes in the event they are COVID-19 positive. To mitigate any spread, we advise positive members to quarantine for 14 days in either a June Homes vacant apartment or an alternative accommodation.

To learn more about symptoms and prevention, please visit the official overview outlined by the World Health Organization: https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus#tab=tab_1.

We’re home creators, not homeowners. We’re here to make renting less stressful and easier for you by providing turnkey apartments that are move-in ready on day one. We partner and sign agreements with landlords who own the apartments, then bring in our team of expert designers to upgrade, design and furnish the space. And our support team is available to help with any major issues that may arise during your search and stay.

Nice ones! But, to be more precise, we have one bedroom apartments, studios, private rooms in shared apartments, and multi bedroom apartments available. Apartments can either be fully furnished or unfurnished.

We have both furnished or unfurnished apartments. If you wish to remove all of the furniture from a furnished apartment, let our team know prior to move in. There is a $300 one-time furniture removal fee. If the unit is unfurnished and you wish to add furniture, you can opt into our furniture set for $200/month in a private room OR $300/month in a private apartment.

Our normal process is that move-in and move-out is coordinated directly with our Support team. You’ll get detailed instructions (including video) and door codes via email and your June Homes app. If you need further assistance, please reach out to our Support team and we can help where possible with a more customized solution.

The minimum stay is 30 days (31 in Boston). To be frank, we’d miss you if it were any shorter.

We get it seems complicated at first, but we promise you: it’s something you’re already familiar with. Think booking a flight or even a rideshare car; when there’s a time with a lot of demand, prices go up a bit. The prices are different depending on the duration that’s right for you. To see your price, look on the apartment listing page. To lock in your price, fill out the Application.

In most cases: yes. However, occasionally a piece of furniture or decor may be replaced with similar looking items with similar functionality purposes. This is in order to keep everything in your home in prime condition.

We understand that sometimes plans change and you may need to move out earlier than the dates of your agreement. If the remainder of your stay is under 6 months, we require a 30 days notice and keep the deposit as a termination fee. If the remainder of your stay is above 6 months, we require a 60 days notice and keep the deposit as a termination fee. Alternatively, you can move to any other of our homes that are equal to your current rent for a $200 relocation fee. If your reservation has a furnishing or unfurnishing service, a 3 month minimum stay is required prior to discussing a move out or relocation.

These uncertain times make it hard to plan ahead. So, we’ve introduced our Month-To-Month Flexibility Policy, which allows you to cancel your contract at any time, after you move-in, with 30-days notice from the end of any month. So, if today is mid-September and you notified us you wished to move out – you’ll be free from liabilities as of October 31st. The price for your Month-To-Month plan is fixed and does not change during the whole stay; simply add $200 for a room or $300 for an entire apartment to our regular base rates.

Did you know once we approve your application (650 credit + income requirements) you can move in deposit free when you sign up with our partner, Jetty? Jetty Deposit helps you meet security deposit coverage requirements, at the fraction of the cost of a traditional cash deposit. The amount you'll pay is a one time fee equal to ~17.5% from the usual deposit amount you'd pay. We receive the bond you sign with Jetty, and you move in deposit-free!. Head to: https://jetty.com/junehomes, complete the form and sign up.

When renting a pre-existing furnished unit, the furniture and decor will be like the photos. Some items may vary and that is because we replace decor as needed in order to minimize wear and tear and keep your home in prime condition.

If you wish to add a furniture set to an unfurnished unit, an example photo may be shown in the listing to give you a feel for the furniture style. All our homes have a similar modern decor aesthetic. Look for a “sample” watermark photo in unfurnished listings.

After touring with us and picking your home, you will need to fill out an application form, sent to you via email. You will simply need to upload the required documents to verify your identity and the ability to pay. These may include​, but are not limited to: government ID, employment/student status, bank statements and tax returns, pay-stubs, visa/work permit (if applicable). After we receive these documents, we will review and respond within 24 hours, tops. Once approved, you will be sent ​an agreement to sign electronically, and an online invoice to pay your upfront payments. After signing and paying, you’re officially a June Homes Member. Pop the cork!

We have a simplified approval process for short term stays ( the originally requested length of stay needs to be under 2-months), where the full term ends up to be prepaid. In these cases, we may request only the basics: a government ID and a credit score of above 650.

Two important things can qualify you as a June Homes Member:

  1. Proof that your monthly income is 3x the monthly fee & proof of an 650 credit score.
  2. Proof that you have 60x the monthly fee in cash assets & an above 650 credit score.

If you don't meet these requirements, you can apply with a guarantor who will need to have either:

  1. A credit score above 650 and proof that their monthly income is 5x the monthly fee.
  2. 80x the monthly fee in cash assets with an above 650 credit score.

Please note: each application is assessed on a case-by-case basis but needs to generally meet the terms above.

Upon signing the agreement, the security deposit and your first month’s rent are due. If you’re moving in after the stroke of midnight on the 10th of a month, we also require the prepayment for the following month.

The security deposit is equal to the amount of one monthly fee for qualified members.

For shared apartments: the fee is $145 per month and it covers monthly delivery of supplies like dish soap, dishwasher pods, trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper and laundry detergent and Wi-Fi. Plus utilities in the excess amount of $30. So you can kiss those pesky random household bills goodbye. For entire apartments: the fee is $200 covering utilities in the excess amount of $50, Wi-Fi, and a kitchen with essentials like plates, pots and cutlery.

Our team is on standby ready to review your complete application. You can expect an answer in 24-hours on any working day!

Note: In order for your application to be fully processed, it must be complete with required information and/or any additional requested documentation.

Good question. Payments are made online through two secure platforms used by our accounting team. We recommend our members to use ACH or direct deposit because it’s free, but for a small convenience fee (~3%) we also allow international and credit card payments. Please note, we do not accept PayPal, Venmo, paper checks, gift cards, or prepaid cards.

Sure! Couples are welcomed into selected homes: for an additional $250 per month (if it’s a shared apartment - room) and at no additional cost into a private apartment. Just look for the icon that says ‘couple-friendly’ on our listings.

We would also want to show off our home if we were you. Here’s our policy to keep all our homes happy. Daytime visitors may visit anytime between 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM. The member must be present when there are visitors. We allow up to 2 daytime visitors at a time. If you would like to invite more than 2 Daytime visitors at once, consent from all other Members is required. A friend that stays past 10:00 PM is considered an overnight visitor.

All overnight visitors must be registered through the June Homes App, for the safety and consideration of all your housemates. Their full name and phone number are required. There is a maximum limit of 8 overnight visitors per month, only one at a time. If the visitor stays for more than eight (8) nights, the host shall be charged for the daily rate of the host’s room price for their guest, in addition to their license fee.

June Homes Members take full responsibility for their visitors. Any violation or damage caused by a visitor is considered the Member's violation and June Homes policies apply accordingly. Be a good human and exercise care when inviting people into your shared home.

Most of our homes are not the best fit for pets. Homes that allow pets are marked as “pet friendly’ on our website & listings. Please note: Only one pet per home and there is a $100 monthly fee to house your furry friend, unless you have an ADA compliant service animal.

Yes, we allow potential approved members to see any home in person during reasonable hours on weekdays and weekends. We always give advance notice of future showings and appreciate your understanding of this.

*Our Promise: At this time of COVID-19, whenever we conduct in-person tours we make sure to abide by all safety regulations.

We refund security deposit within 14 business days, but usually much faster🙂

If we receive a membership inquiry for your space upon your move-out, you will receive an automated 24 hour priority notice asking if you would like to extend your stay. You will have the right of first refusal to match the new applicant's dates and monthly price. If we do not receive a response from you within the allotted 24 hour window, your room will be offered to the new member and we will request your move-out as per the signed agreement. As an existing June Homes member, you will always be prioritized for other homes within our network. However, if it is less than 30 days from your end date, we reserve the right to sell the room.

After you sign your agreement with June Homes, we lock your price and no longer change it until the end of your agreement. Please note that we reserve a right to change your price after your agreement ends. June Homes uses a dynamic pricing model and all rates depend on the selected home, room, duration of stay, move-in date, move-out date and other factors that we do not disclose. After the agreement is signed, your price is final, non negotiable and is locked for the duration of your agreement.

Absolutely. Once your application is approved, you have access to all of our homes. If you have moved in already, and would like to relocate, we can accommodate relocation to a new space with a monthly fee equal or higher to your current agreement. We require 30-days written notice in advance and we apply a $200 relocation fee. And don't worry, we will transfer your security deposit to your new room, saving you a bit of extra cash for whatever it is you like to spend it on.

Any shared apartment is occupied by multiple tenants (all tenants are vetted June Homes members who passed background checks). Each tenant has a designated room for sleeping and all tenants have use of the entirety of the unit (e.g. you may be sharing kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms etc.). As per New York City laws, bedrooms do not have exterior locks and can only be locked from inside. In all other cities we allow door locks. We can install these upon request for a $30 installation fee.

Safety is the number one priority for us. Every member is vetted and goes through criminal and background checks. The agreement you will sign will outline a set of strict, yet reasonable rules that we encourage our members to follow in all of our homes. Our members tend to be a mix of creative, hard-working professionals and students. We have both locals, as well as many tenants from around the world.

Due to privacy restrictions, we are unable to share identifying information about our current members. However, we have member profiles listed on the room page on our site! This gives you more information on your future roommates hobbies, living habits, and occupation. When you submit your application and get approved, you’ll be able to see your future roommates’ profiles with more details right in your June Homes account. We see a delicious glass of wine being shared very soon. Perhaps a cheeseboard, too.

Aside from paying your rent and being a considerate roommate, here is more detail on how we support you if issues may arise while living in a home.

The Member Portal is the source of all important updates and information on the inner workings of your June experience. It includes things like the WiFi password and garbage collection schedule. Whenever you have a maintenance request or a general question, you can submit a ticket via your Member Portal and we will get back to you within the day. The portal can be accessed through your account via browser or on the JuneHomes App.

No use crying over lost keycodes. It happens to the best of us – especially after a prosecco or two. We make ourselves available 24/7 to bail you out if needed. In the event you are locked out and a June Homes representative is called to resolve the issue, there is a $100 lock out fee applied. If a member loses their key, a key replacement fee of $50 is applied.

Unfortunately, no. we have no control over your mail. If your mail is not being distributed correctly, or mail is not being dropped in the mailbox, we suggest filing a complaint directly to the postal services.

Yes, please do! Just email us with your request and once approved, we will send an extension agreement and adjust your reservation accordingly. We will also remind you of 60 and 30 days out. Happy days.

If we receive interest in your space upon your move-out, you will receive an automated 24 hour priority notice asking if you would like to extend your stay at the same rate and dates of the new application. If we do not receive a response from you within the allotted 24 hour window, your room will be offered to the new member and we will request your move-out as per the signed agreement. If during your stay you have violated areas of your lease, such as late payments, violation of roommate and living policy, you will not be eligible for this extension offer. As an existing June Homes member, you will always be prioritized for other homes within our network. However, if it is less than 30 days from your end date, we reserve the right to sell the room.

For most of our homes, we have on-street parking as the only option. When parking is available, we’ve cited it in the home description.

We’ve got you covered! With our Rent Easy Guarantee policy, if you are unsatisfied with your home or feel unsafe with the roommates, you can relocate to a new June Home for free, if you let us know (in writing) within the first 7 days of your move-in. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable with a new member who has moved into your home, we allow you to transfer to a new home within the first 7 days of their move-in. Please read the Terms and conditions for this carefully here: https://junehomes.com/guarantee.

Nope, but don’t worry – you really won’t need to. Our Support team is available to answer all questions regarding apartment issues or maintenance. Your happiness is our number one priority and we will work with the building owner to resolve any issues.

City living can often be full of (unwanted) surprises. If you feel endangered at any given moment or if there’s an immediate threat to your safety and wellbeing, we suggest to call the police or dial 911.

We publicly advertise select homes that are available for couples, which means that a couple can move in at any point. If you’d like to switch into an alternative shared home, or an individual studio or 1-bedroom apartment, please reach out to our team to consider other options. We are always here to find a solution.

All household supplies are delivered during the first 10-days of the month for our shared apartments. Always check the housekeeping cabinet and under the sink first – some items might be hiding there.

We feel you on the unwanted part, and we know how uncomfortable that situation can be – seriously. Do your best to keep calm and reach out to us through your member portal app by reporting this issue. Meanwhile, check if any short-term solutions (traps, sprays) are available in the property that you can use before we address the issue.

We sincerely encourage respectful and caring atmospheres in our homes. We believe clear and reasonable communication is the way to resolve such issues. If another June Homes Member is violating any of the house rules, at first it is best that you first approach this member in a kind manner to avoid any misunderstandings. Ask this member to abide by the house rules while showing respect to all other members of the property. As a second step, we advise that you create a ticket through your member portal app so we can address the issue with a warning email. We do not get involved in roommate relationships as a general rule, given that we’re all adults!

As per our policy, we only provide one key per member. The exception is if you are moving in as a couple and have paid the couple’s fee, we will be providing an additional set for the second member.

We have a 3:00 pm move-in policy for several reasons, but most importantly to ensure that your move-in is as smooth as possible. We need time to inspect the room as it may have been occupied for several months by a previous member. The previous member may be moving out on the same day and thus our housekeeping team needs the time to conduct a cleaning to ensure you will be moving into a space that meets our standards. However, if you need to move in earlier, we may be able to accommodate this on a case by case basis for an additional fee - just email our team with your request.

Do you have any questions?
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