Some of your most frequently asked questions; answered.

What is June Homes?

At June Homes we’re committed to making renting quality apartments as easy and stress free as possible. Our mission is to make you feel at home instantly, by redefining the way people rent with unparalleled flexibility at fair market prices

All of our homes are available with flexible terms, meaning you can lease for 1–18 months. New to the city? Consider moving in for two months and then trying out a new neighborhood. Need a roommate? We also offer shared apartments to our member-only community. Our design team ensures that each home meets our standards, and you can select between furnished or unfurnished. It’s your call. It’s your home.

How is June Homes responding to COVID-19?

At June Homes, we take your health and safety seriously, and expect our members to do the same. In light of these unprecedented times, we have taken the following precautions:

Home tours are conducted virtually as often as possible, through our quality video conferencing with a caring team member. If we visit in person, we comply with all safety regulations (wear a mask, distance and limit the time spent in the unit). Extra sanitization instated in all shared homes, and quality professional cleaning strictly implemented before & after stays. Remote check-in & 24/hr virtual support via our app, phone & email.

It is our policy for all new members to notify June Homes in the event they are COVID-19 positive. To mitigate any spread, we advise positive members to quarantine for 14 days in either a June Homes vacant apartment or an alternative accommodation.

To learn more about symptoms and prevention, please visit the official overview outlined by the World Health Organization: https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus#tab=tab_1.

Does June Homes own all apartments?

We’re home creators, not homeowners. We’re here to make renting less stressful and easier for you by providing turnkey apartments that are move-in ready on day one. We partner and sign agreements with landlords who own the apartments, then bring in our team of expert designers to upgrade, design and furnish the space. And our support team is available to help with any major issues that may arise during your search and stay.

What kinds of apartments and rooms do you have?

Nice ones! But, to be more precise, we have one bedroom apartments, studios, private rooms in shared apartments, and multi bedroom apartments available. Apartments can either be fully furnished or unfurnished.

Are all apartments fully furnished?

We have both furnished or unfurnished apartments. If you wish to remove all of the furniture from a furnished apartment, let our team know prior to move in. There is a $300 one-time furniture removal fee. If the unit is unfurnished and you wish to add furniture, you can opt into our furniture set for $225/month in a private room OR $350/month in a private apartment.

Do you have anyone assisting me at move-in or move-out?

Our normal process is that move-in and move-out is coordinated directly with our Support team. You’ll get detailed instructions (including video) and door codes via email and your June Homes app. If you need further assistance, please reach out to our Support team and we can help where possible with a more customized solution.

Is there a minimum stay requirement?

The minimum stay is 30 days (31 in Boston). To be frank, we’d miss you if it were any shorter.

How does the dynamic pricing work?

We get it seems complicated at first, but we promise you: it’s something you’re already familiar with. Think booking a flight or even a rideshare car; when there’s a time with a lot of demand, prices go up a bit. The prices are different depending on the duration that’s right for you. To see your price, look on the apartment listing page. To lock in your price, fill out the Application.

What if I want to terminate my signed agreement early?

We understand that sometimes plans change and you may need to move out earlier than the dates of your agreement. If the remainder of your stay is under 6 months, we require a 30 days notice and keep the deposit as a termination fee. If the remainder of your stay is above 6 months, we require a 60 days notice and keep the deposit as a termination fee. Alternatively, you can move to any other of our homes that are equal to your current rent for a $200 relocation fee. If your reservation has a furnishing or unfurnishing service, a 3 month minimum stay is required prior to discussing a move out or relocation.

What if I don’t know exactly how long I want to stay?

These uncertain times make it hard to plan ahead. So, we’ve introduced our Month-To-Month Flexibility Policy, which allows you to cancel your contract at any time, after you move-in, with 30-days notice from the end of any month. So, if today is mid-September and you notified us you wished to move out – you’ll be free from liabilities as of October 31st. The price for your Month-To-Month plan is fixed and does not change during the whole stay; simply add $200 for a room or $300 for an entire apartment to our 12 month rates.

How can I move in without having to pay a deposit?

Did you know once we approve your application (650 credit + income requirements) you can move in deposit free when you sign up with our partner, Jetty? Jetty Deposit helps you meet security deposit coverage requirements, at the fraction of the cost of a traditional cash deposit. The amount you'll pay is a one time fee equal to ~17.5% from the usual deposit amount you'd pay. We receive the bond you sign with Jetty, and you move in deposit-free!. Head to: https://jetty.com/junehomes, complete the form and sign up.

Will my apartment furniture look exactly like the photos?

When renting a pre-existing furnished unit, the furniture and decor will be like the photos. Some items may vary and that is because we replace decor as needed in order to minimize wear and tear and keep your home in prime condition.

If you wish to add a furniture set to an unfurnished unit, an example photo may be shown in the listing to give you a feel for the furniture style. All our homes have a similar modern decor aesthetic. Look for a “sample” watermark photo in unfurnished listings.

Can I tour a home in-person?

We are excited to offer in-person tours of our homes, led by our dedicated in-person tour managers. We welcome all approved applicants to view up to two homes in person. Please note, for shared units we do not tour occupied bedrooms in person. We will be able to view the common areas within the apartment & get a good idea of the bedroom layout from the 3D tour on our website.