Short & Long Term Rooms for Rent in Washington DC

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Washington, D.C.


Washington D.C is a culturally and historically rich city, with great employment opportunities, as well as numerous recreational activities.

The numerous museums, restaurants, and monuments spread across the city make it the perfect place for both students, and the working class.

The Mid-Atlantic region has mild weather throughout the year, and goes through all four seasons – allowing people to experience nature in its truest form.

Due to its central location, this city is considered to be a gateway for multiple destinations – all within a few hours drive. You can plan a day trip or weekend getaway, to hike in the mountains or relax at the beach. Adding to that, the cities of Baltimore, Annapolis, and Philadelphia are also located a few hours away.

An Ideal Mixture


D.C. is home to people from different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and social status. The one unifying factor is their level of education; 90.2% of the population are high school graduates, or higher!

The region has everything, from urban condos and apartment studios, to suburban townhouses, and even rural farmland. The wide streets lined with trees and unique styles of architecture accompanied by a beautiful park, further enhance D.C.’s charm.

Washington’s student accommodation market is also booming – there are several off-campus areas that are student friendly. This, combined with an excellent nightlife, make Georgetown and Dupont Circle the ideal locations for students to live in.

Is It All About The Politics?

No, it actually isn’t. Contrary to what people may think, not everyone sits around, talking about tax policies all day – while many residents of Washington are educated and ambitious, they are also quite friendly.

Major Attractions

It would take weeks for you to make your way through the many museums, historical monuments, and artistic centers throughout the city. The best part is that quite a lot of them can be enjoyed absolutely free of cost!

National Spy Museum

This is a brand-new, purpose-built facility at the L’Enfant Plaza. Filled with completely re-imagined, state-of-the-art technology and special rotating exhibits, the Spy Museum offers an engaging experience like no other.

National Geographic Headquarters

Located in downtown D.C., the headquarters also serve as a museum, offering exhibits, films, and lecture programs. They even let you spend an evening with the admirable ‘Nat Geo’ explorers, who have scaled the top of the highest peaks, and divided among sharks in deep oceans.

John F. Kennedy Center For The Performing Arts 

Located next to the infamous Watergate Hotel, overlooking the Potomac River, the John F. Kennedy Center is the United States’ national cultural center.

It is home to the Suzanne Farrell Ballet and the National Symphony Orchestra, producing a wide array of performances that encompass all genres of theatre.

Whether you’re into dance and ballet, or enjoy the soulful tunes of folk music, this is the place to be for all art lovers.
Washington D.C. is a place with influence and tradition like no other. The city and its suburbs are filled with educated, high-income residents, from multi-cultural backgrounds – making Washington a truly diverse city to live in!

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What is the average rent for a room in Washington DC, DC?

The average rent for a room in Washington DC starts at $1475 per month. As of March 21, 2023 there are 353 rooms available for rent in Washington DC, DC