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Welcome to Kingman Park, a residential neighborhood and one of the best places to live in Washington, D.C. Located in the northeast quadrant of D.C., Kingman Park is approximately four miles east of Downtown. It is bordered by Anacostia Park on the east, Hill East on the south, 15th Street NE on the west, and Carver/Langston on the north. This neighborhood and nearby Kingman Island are named after Brigadier General Dan Christie Kingman, the former head of the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Before its development in the early 20th century, the Kingman Park area was a mostly uninhabited area filled with trees and mudflats. The approved dredging of the Anacostia River in 1898 created a more accessible channel for boats and ships carrying cargo and other building materials up the river to the northeast. The material dredged from the river was used to solidify the surrounding mudflats that dominated this area, turning it into usable dry land where factories and homes could be built. However, the reclaimed mudflats were never fully developed. In 1919, the majority of this reclaimed land along the Anacostia River was declared parkland, effectively cutting off what would soon become the Kingman Park neighborhood from the river. The development of Kingman Park commenced in 1927. By 1931 over 200 single-family homes had been built in the northeast corner of this neighborhood. The subsequent construction of public schools in Kingman Park significantly increased interest from developers, first-time homebuyers, and middle-class families relocating to D.C. Despite the construction of Robert F. Kennedy Stadium to the east of Kingman Park, which drove some residents away, this area continued to grow throughout the 20th century.

Today, the housing stock in Kingman Park primarily consists of single-family brick rowhouses, most of which date back to when the neighborhood was founded in 1928 and exhibit a federal style of architecture that is common among D.C. neighborhoods. Just east of Capitol Hill, Kingman Park is home to a diverse demographic of families and single professionals that work in both the private and public sectors. A charming residential neighborhood whose residents take community involvement seriously, Kingman Park is no stranger to civic battles fought by those that aim to preserve this beautiful and mostly quiet area. There is not much commercial activity that takes place in this neighborhood other than the handful of cafes, restaurants, and retail stores you can find along 15th Street NE and Benning Road. Ideally located near commercial districts like H Street Corridor to the northwest, Kingman Park is attractive to those that want to live close to all the excitement that D.C. offers but prefer a small-town vibe and family-friendly atmosphere. Served by numerous bus routes, Kingman Park is an easily accessible area by both car and public transportation. If you are looking for things to do in Kingman Park, RFK Stadium is constantly hosting events on the weekends and offers a skate park that is open to the public.