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Washington DC
H Street
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H Street
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H Street

H-Street Corridor


H Street, commonly known as H Street Corridor, is located in the Northeast Washington area, and is the perfect mix of residential and commercial.


It is home to the famous Atlas Performing Arts Center and a number of popular restaurants, trendy bars, and even luxurious condos. All these factors come together to make H Street one of the most dynamic, cultural, and fun neighborhoods in city.

Bringing Edginess To Washington, DC


The dynamic transformation unfolding in Washington D.C.’s historically significant neighborhoods is one of the best kept secrets of the city.


Quite a few of these neighborhoods – in rapid succession – have gone from being obscure, to the talk of the town; and they are now getting their time in the spotlight.

H Street NorthEast is the latest neighborhood to be renovated, and reinvented. With historic architecture being restored with great care and experimental chefs opening unorthodox dining spaces, the area is teeming with genius innovations.

The Food And Drink Of The Locals


H Street is the perfect mixture of fancy dining experiences and the usual bar hopping – giving it a laidback and feel-good vibe.


The absence of expensive chain restaurants, which are typically found in other neighborhoods of the city, is immediately noticeable.

Food Tour Of H Street


This is the best way of discovering the vast availability of cuisines in H Street - with a tour guide by your side, filling you in about the historical significance of different places.


Whether you love Italian pasta or are more inclined towards Middle Eastern Hummus, the food tour introduces you to all the best bites in the neighborhood. The best part is that you get to sample absolutely everything that your heart desires – from craft beer to delicious pastries, and even freshly baked bread.


The food tour also allows you to gain deeper insights into D.C.’s immigrant heritage, and learn about their contributions in the overall development of the city and this neighborhood in particular.


All of this is done while strolling past some of Washington’s most historic venues and cultural sites, as well as the capital’s hippiest neighborhoods.

The Beer Gardens


Despite being present all over the city, the beer gardens of H Street are vast and the most authentic. Wunter Garden and Biergarten Haus have spacious green lawns and excellent beer, making them proper urban spots for people to hang out at.


The Biergarten Haus also serves German food, and has special indoor seating for the off chance that the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Plays And Concerts At The Atlas


The Atlas Theatre, after undergoing major renovations, served as a magnet for tourists, artists, and innovative business.


Today, the theatre hosts a wide range of performances, musical shows, and film screenings – offering something for everyone.

Shopping At The Union Market


Previously abandoned areas of this town regularly turn into trendy and fun neighborhoods – one such venue is the traditional wholesale market, filled with commercialized venues and restaurants.


What was run-down and unpleasant only ten years ago, has now been turned into the hub of popular restaurants, outdoor markets, and even film festivals.


All in all, H Street has a number of attractions for tourists and locals alike – in addition, it is also very easy to get to with a free streetcar, that leaves from behind Union Station.


The neighborhood is also situated close enough to the downtown area, so taxi services are quick and affordable. There are even Capitol Bikeshare docking stations found all over H Street, to make traveling within the area easy for residents!


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