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Welcome to Park Mesa Heights, a small, residential neighborhood in South Los Angeles. More commonly referred to as Hyde Park by the residents who have lived here for decades, Park Mesa Heights is an overarching neighborhood composed of four smaller districts or sub-neighborhoods. Park Mesa Heights is bordered by Van Ness Avenue on the east, 79th Street on the south, La Brea Avenue on the west, and Vernon Avenue on the north. Approximately nine miles southwest of Downtown, the origins of this neighborhood date back to the land boom of 1887, making it one of the oldest settlements in Los Angeles. Plotted as an agricultural town along the now-defunct Santa Fe railroad line, Hyde Park became an official city in 1921. However, it did not remain an incorporated city for long. In 1923, all 1.2 square miles of Hyde Park consolidated with rapidly expanding Los Angeles following a vote that was found favorable among Hyde Park residents. Following World War II, Hyde Park became a popular spot among those who worked in factories in South Los Angeles. Deindustrialization beginning in the 1960s forced many working-class families to move out of Hyde Park and relocate to port cities further north. The improvement of surrounding roads and the construction of freeways leading Downtown drew people back to this neighborhood. Today, Park Mesa Heights is considered an up-and-coming area, as first-time homebuyers and small families in search of affordable housing are flocking to this historic neighborhood.

The sub-neighborhoods of Dorset Village, Van Ness, and View Heights make up the encompassing Park Mesa Heights area. Affordable vintage homes and remodeled apartments with modest price tags attract a diverse demographic of college students that attend the nearby University of Southern California and working professionals that don’t mind the short commute Downtown. The architecture in Park Mesa Heights ranges from Arts and Crafts bungalows to Spanish Colonial Revival homes. Bounded by Inglewood to the southwest, Park Mesa Heights is located near the heart of South Los Angeles and all of the many shopping and entertainment options concentrated here. Crenshaw Boulevard serves as the main commercial corridor into this neighborhood, along which you can find everything from supermarkets and convenience stores to local boutiques and trendy restaurants. Currently under redevelopment to make it more of a pedestrian-friendly strip, Crenshaw Boulevard is considered the heart of African-American commerce in Los Angeles. If you are looking for outdoor activities, the Van Ness Recreation Center offers baseball fields and basketball courts, as well as two indoor gymnasiums and a playground for kids. This neighborhood is served by numerous LA Metro Bus routes and will soon offer access to a new light-rail line at Hyde Park station, which is currently under construction.