Clever Tips for Maximizing Space in your NYC Apartment


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Finding an apartment that meets your demands in terms of size, location, and amenities can be difficult (if not impossible) in densely populated metropolitan cities like New York. After all, floor space is among the most precious possessions you can have in NYC. However, if you’ve found an apartment that ticks all of the boxes but one, don’t fret. Many people prior to you have been in your shoes. And they have developed and put into practice numerous creative solutions to the most common issues people with limited space face. We’ll share some of them with you, so you also start maximizing space in your NYC apartment. 

Measure everything

Although this tip may seem quite obvious at first, it is more vital than you think. Having a true idea of the actual usable space you will have in your NYC apartment is a lifesaver! Prior to moving in, ask for floor plans and wall measurements. Additionally, visit the apartment in advance (if you can) and take needed measurements yourself. To compare it to the TV you already own, for instance, you might measure the space that can accommodate a TV. Such measurements will allow you to take full advantage of the limited space you may have. Although measurements of the apartment are important, you should also measure whatever furniture you decide to bring into the space. Do not rely only on your rough estimate, and always have measurements ready for when they are needed.

Declutter thoroughly

You cannot start maximizing space in your NYC apartment without getting rid of some belongings. This doesn’t have to include your favorite memorabilia, half of your closet, or your toaster. Simply get rid of whatever you don’t need, haven’t used in a while, or that doesn’t make you happy. Do not hang onto things you believe you might use in the future, or you will end up with a cluttered apartment. Go through items room by room and decide what can be sold, donated, gifted, recycled, or thrown away. You might separate such objects into different boxes to manage them more effectively. Furthermore, digitize any paper documents you have right away to save yourself the trouble of moving them. You will see that with fewer belongings at your disposal, the larger your NYC apartment will look! Also, this is a great way to make your apartment more eco-friendly, as well as save money down the line.

Organize your NYC apartment as much as possible

If you’ve followed the previous tip, this one will be a breeze. After all, the fewer items you have, the easier they are to organize. Make sure everything in your apartment has a designated place. If you do so successfully, there won’t be any clutter. Moreover, the absence of clutter will allow your NYC apartment’s limited space to be used up optimally. On the other hand, if you’re moving in with someone, now is the time to start dividing housework by giving them the freedom to freely organize their own items. However, if they are having trouble organizing, do assist them. And if you feel there is no space to organize your items, you may either need to declutter more or follow the next few tips we have in store for you.

Invest in multipurpose items of furniture

Multipurpose furniture has only been getting better and better over the past several years. Additionally, it is the ideal option for maximizing space in your NYC apartment since it is becoming more and more accessible. Depending on your preference, you may choose a coffee table that rises to serve as a dining room table or a bench that doubles as a bed. We are certain you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of dual-use furniture possibilities if you do some research based on the area of your apartment where you want to save space.

Add various creative storage options

As you might be painfully aware, micro-apartments lack storage spaces. So, if you want to truly maximize space in your very own NYC apartment, it is time to think out of the box and find new ways to add storage options. Look into different hooks to hang items, purchase shelves for your favorite decor, or fine furniture that also includes storage, such as a footrest with a storage compartment. When designing any space in your apartment, think about how it can be better utilized when it comes to storage. For example, the space under your sink could be better optimized if you choose a sink with a cabinet on the bottom. And if you cannot transport everything by yourself during your residential move, experts can make this easy by giving you a helping hand you need.

Do not use up your valuable floor space

You should never forget just how important your floor space is. If you use up all of it that is available to you, you will end up with a cluttered apartment that looks even smaller than it actually is. If you want to fix such an issue, you must use the vertical space you have to the best of your abilities. You can do so in various ways. Most people suggest having wall lights instead of floor lamps or switching from regular shelves to wall shelves. The different options you choose will depend on your own personal preference and needs.

Trick the eye by using light

The last tip you should add to your arsenal is the different ways you can trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it is. Lucky for you (and many other NYC residents), there are many easy ways to accomplish this. Place various mirrors in strategic locations throughout your apartment to improve its smaller appearance. They will allow the light to bounce around your home, making it seem brighter and, in turn, larger. Furthermore, if you intend to repaint your walls, choose light colors because they’ll let more light into your apartment. You may have noticed a pattern with just how important light is. So, no matter how much light you may have – try and find ways to utilize its wonderful benefits when maximizing space in your NYC apartment.

Final thoughts

Since micro-apartments are some of the most common types of NYC apartments, there are many ways you can maximize space in your NYC apartment. Using our simple yet effective tips, we’re sure you’ll notice a difference in the way your new apartment looks.There are many ways you can go about maximizing space in your NYC apartment. We’ll simplify this process by sharing our favorite ways.

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