New York Apartments: Top Long-Term Rental Options


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There are various things to consider before selecting an apartment in New York. A long-term rental may be something you’re thinking about, but where should you start?

Here is all the information you need to choose the best residence for your forthcoming stay in the Big Apple.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Long Term Rentals New York

There are a lot of things to take into account when searching for a long term rentals NYC. The kind of neighborhood you will live in and the amount of daily commute required depend on your location.

  • Price is also essential since it affects your budget, which might decide whether or not you can afford to pay rent each month. To read this article you may read the reason why New York City Is so expensive.
  • Amenities like laundry facilities, parking spaces and pet – friendly policies can affect your experience at an apartment complex as well.
  • Size matters when choosing an apartment – you don’t want something too small or too big!
  • Style should be taken into consideration as well; some people prefer modern homes while others prefer classic designs with hardwood floors and crown molding accents throughout every room (or maybe even both!).
  • Transportation options may also play a role when deciding where best fits into their daily lives

Top NYC Neighborhoods for Long-Term Renting

If you’re looking for long term rentals in NYC, June Homes can help you find your ideal apartment or room rental. You have a lot of good options. And if you’re unsure of where to start your search, we’ve put up a list of some of the best neighborhoods in the city.

Upper West Side

Brown concrete building during daytime photo in Upper West Side NYC

The Upper West Side is a wonderful neighborhood for families. It’s close to Central Park and the Museum of Natural History, which are both great places to take kids on days out.

There are also other cultural institutions nearby, such as the American Museum of Natural History and The Guggenheim Museum.

The Upper West Side also has a tonne of great dining options, from traditional delis that serve fresh bagels and pastrami sandwiches all day long to upscale eateries like Jean Georges Steakhouse (which has two Michelin stars!)


Chelsea is a prominent Manhattan neighborhood famous for its art galleries and eateries. It’s also one of the finest places to reside if you need a long-term lease.

The neighborhood is made up of both newly refurbished warehouses and contemporary high-rises, all of which are close to one another and contain some of the city’s most luxurious apartments!

Chelsea has everything: it’s close proximity to the High Line and Chelsea Market makes it easy to grab groceries or enjoy an afternoon snack; there are plenty of nearby parks (including Madison Square Park); plus, there are more than two dozen subway lines directly accessible from this neighborhood.

Long Island City

People on beach near Long Island City

Long Island City, Queens, is recognised for its rapid expansion and breathtaking vistas of Manhattan’s skyline.

The neighborhood offers a mix of luxury high-rises and converted industrial buildings, with stunning waterfront parks that are great for families.

The emerging arts scene on LIC’s waterfront is also worth checking out if you’re interested in exploring new things while living here–and there are plenty of dining options too!

Battery Park City

Battery Park City is located in Lower Manhattan, and offers modern high-rise apartments and luxury condos.

The neighborhood offers access to parks, bike paths, and the Hudson River Esplanade that runs along New York Harbor from Battery Park City to 59th Street. There are also several restaurants as well as shops within walking distance of your apartment.

The Financial District and Tribeca are both just minutes away from this area by foot or subway train.


A woman crossing a street in front of a large painting photo – Brooklyn Image

Williamsburg is a Brooklyn neighborhood in New York. It is well-known for its thriving arts and music scene, as well as its hipster culture.

Williamsburg was historically a working class neighborhood but has become increasingly gentrified over time.

The area offers a mix of renovated lofts and newer luxury apartments, trendy boutiques, restaurants and nightlife options.

The area has been home to notable residents including actor James Franco and rapper Jay-Z who owns several properties there including the Barclays Center arena where he performs concerts on occasion with Beyonce Knowles (Jay-Z).


Located in Queens, Astoria is known for its diverse community. The neighborhood offers affordable apartments with a mix of modern and historic buildings.

You’ll find plenty of Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine here, along with close proximity to green spaces like Astoria Park and Socrates Sculpture Park.

It’s also adjacent to the East River, so you can enjoy views of Manhattan when walking your dog or strolling along its banks in the evening (and who doesn’t want that?).

If you want to be close to some amazing shopping but don’t want to pay Manhattan rates, Ditmars Boulevard is one of NYC’s best-kept secrets!

Park Slope

Park Slope is a Brooklyn neighborhood valued for its family-friendly ambiance. It offers brownstones, apartments and co-ops that are beautiful tree-lined streets and access to Prospect Park.

The schools in this neighborhood are great, playgrounds abound, as well as shops and restaurants of all kinds.

Tips for Finding and Securing a Long-Term Rental in New York

High rise buildings under blue sky during daytime

There are various options available if you are seeking long term rentals New York. The initial step is to contact long-term leasing specialists such as real estate agents or brokers.

They can assist you in finding a rental property that suits your needs and specifications, as well as negotiating the best feasible lease terms on your behalf.

In addition to working with traditional agents, you may also want to utilize online rental platforms and websites like Nooklyn or June or ROSNYC if you’d rather search for apartments on your own time from home or work (or both!).

These sites allow users to filter listings based on location, number of bedrooms/baths required by prospective tenants like yourself (if any), monthly rent price range — which often includes floor plans — along with other important details such as proximity within walking distance from subway stations or bus stops along major thoroughfares.

To find the right apartment, you need to know where to look

If you do your homework, you can’t go wrong. As with any long term apartments, knowing exactly what you’re looking for is critical. That might mean a specific neighborhood or price range, but it might also include things like:

  • An ideal commute time (the less time spent commuting, the better).
  • A building that allows pets.
  • A building with a pool or gym on site–or at least within walking distance of your apartment!

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for long term apartments in New York, you have a lot of options at your disposal.

Whether you want to be close to the rush and bustle of Manhattan or want something more tranquil in one of the outer boroughs, we can help you find the ideal location..

We’ve also gathered some tips on how best to navigate this process so that finding your next home doesn’t feel overwhelming!

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