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NYC Rent Calculator takes the guessing out of budgeting, turning numbers into actionable advice on your rental decisions. Plan smarter, rent better.

Are you the ‘thrifty‘ type, looking to save more and spend less? We recommend you dedicate just 15% of your income to rent, freeing up your budget for savings or other expenses.

Maybe you’re an ‘average,’ wanting to follow tried and true financial wisdom? We’ll set you on the “based” path to spending 30% of your income on rent, a balance that keeps your housing comfortable and your wallet happy.

Or perhaps you’re in the ‘aggressive‘ league, prioritizing a spacious apartment or a stellar location? For those willing to allocate 50% of their income to rent, we’ll show you exactly what that could look like.

Simply type in your annual pre-tax income, and watch as our rent calculator transforms your numbers into a clear, instant report of what you could afford on each strategy. It’s your money; we’re just here to help you make the most of it.

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