The 14 Essential Time-Saving Moving Apps


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Are you planning a move anytime soon? Between the organizing, the physical move, and the process of selling your old items and buying new ones, there’s a lot to do! But, don’t worry, high-tech moving help is available. We have compiled a list of the top moving apps to help you plan, execute, and settle into your new home with ease.

Here are the 14 best moving apps:

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Best Moving Apps for Organization and Planning

1. MoveAdvisor

MoveAdvisor Logo

The MoveAdvisor app makes it easy to create a timeline of your upcoming move, inventory your furniture and other belongings, and review local movers. But the main reason MoveAdvisor made our list of the best moving apps for 2023 is because you can quickly and easily book local movers through the app; it’s essentially Uber for movers. This app is useful for anyone who wants to quickly review and schedule movers.

Cost: Free

Available platforms: iPhone, Android, and Amazon tablets.

2. Sortly

Sortly App

Sortly is an inventory management company with a creative app for managing your household items when you’re getting ready to move. You can create your list of items, categorize them, and even keep track of item locations via a QR code label you can place on each box. This is great for the hyper-organized who want to scan a QR code for a list of a box’s contents to make life easier after moving day. Sortly is currently offering a 14-day free trial, but it also has a free option.

Cost: Plans range from $29-$59 per month, but there’s also a free version specific for moving.

Available platforms: iPhone and Android.

3. todoist

todoist app

Todoist provides task management software for list-makers. Let’s face it; moving can be overwhelming. In addition to packing, moving, and unpacking, you also have a million little tasks like transferring your utilities, setting up recurring rent or mortgage payments, and changing your address with the post office. Keep track of all of it with the todoist app.     

Cost: $4-$6 per month, but there’s also a free plan.

Available platforms: iPhone and Android.

4. magicplan

magicplan app

Magicplan is a moving app designed specifically for contractors who need to create and share floor plans, field reports, and even estimates for clients. But non-contractors are also benefiting from magicplan. If you’ll be doing a rehab for your new place, magicplan makes it easy for you to measure and sketch floor plans for the project in 2D or 3D!  

Cost: Plans range from $42-$375 But you can try it for free (for up to two projects). 

Available platforms: iPhone and Android.

Best Apps for Moving Assistance

5. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit app

TaskRabbit matches freelance workers with people who need jobs done quickly. You can hire someone to mow your lawn, build your IKEA furniture, or (you guessed it) move your things from the old place to the new. This is ideal for non-planners because you can often find same-day workers in your area, especially if you live in a large city. So if you forgot to hire moving labor or decided at the last minute that you don’t want to move yourself, TaskRabbit is here for you!

Cost: Free

Available platforms: iPhone, Android.

6. Dolly

Dolly Logo

Dolly is a lot like TaskRabbit, but while TaskRabbit covers a wide range of tasks, Dolly focuses on moving bulky items. You can hire a driver to do an in-store pick-up for you when you order your new couch or fridge or you can hire someone to move your whole home. 

Cost: Free

Available platforms: iPhone and Android

7. Handy

Handy logo

Handy is also similar to TaskRabbit, but Handy specializes in handyman and home cleaning services. Whether you’re moving into a new place that needs some cleaning and repairs or your old place needs a little TLC before the new resident can move in, Handy has you covered. 

Cost: Free

Available platforms: iPhone and Android

8. Unpakt

Unpakt logo

The Unpakt moving help lets you compare local moving companies to find the best fit for you. The notable thing about Unpakt is that their quotes are guarantees; no estimates, just accurate quotes of the exact figure you can expect to pay your moving company. You can even make arrangements for a storage unit if needed. If you’ve been burned by an inaccurate moving quote in the past, this guarantee should put your mind at ease for a less-stressful move.

Cost: Free

Best Moving Apps for Buying and Selling Items

9. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become a go-to solution for buying and selling used goods. It’s like the new newspaper classified section. You can list all those items you don’t want to move for sale and see if your Facebook friends (or other locals) are interested in buying. It’s also helpful if you’re looking to furnish your new place with some inexpensive used furniture. And, since Facebook Marketplace is included in the Facebook app, there’s a good chance you already have it!

Cost: Free

Available platforms: iPhone, Android

10. OfferUp

OfferUp logo

You can think of OfferUp as a better version of Craig’s List. Like Craig’s List, OfferUp is focused on creating in-person sale transactions between locals. Unlike Craig’s List, OfferUp allows users to create profiles and rate their transactions, which helps buyers and sellers feel more confident when dealing with someone they don’t know. 

Cost: Free

Available platforms: iPhone and Android

11. AptDeco

AptDeco logo

AptDeco is similar to other apps that allow you to buy and sell goods, but it focuses specifically on home furnishings. This allows you to cut through all the junk and get straight to finding your next great piece of furniture. The pieces on AptDeco are also typically higher-end than the used pieces you find on other apps, so this is ideal for those looking for quality pieces that will last.

Cost: Free

12. ThredUp

ThredUp logo

New home, new you! Getting a new place is a fresh start, and in addition to updating your furnishings and home decor, you may want to give your closet a little upgrade as well. ThredUp is an online consignment and thrift shop, specializing in quality clothing. Not only will you save money buying gently used clothing, but you’ll also be helping the planet by creating less waste compared to constantly buying brand new clothing.

Cost: Free

Available platforms: iPhone, Android

Other Handy Moving Apps

13. Updater

Updater is an all-in-one app designed to simplify the task of updating your address. This tool allows you to inform more than 15,000 businesses and groups about your relocation, spanning the USPS, utilities, and various subscription services. Additionally, Updater provides a moving concierge feature to help establish utilities and other amenities in your new residence.

Available platforms: iphone, Android

14. Nextdoor

Nextdoor offers a way to engage with those living around you, allowing users to discuss local events, join neighborhood groups, and share recommendations. Its ‘For Sale & Free’ section serves as a local marketplace for pre-owned items. Additionally, parents have found it a useful tool to connect with others for playdates and discussions.

Available platforms: iphone, Android

Honorable Mention:

My Move: helps track important dates, expenses, and tasks associated with a move.

PODS Moving & Storage: helps manage storage and transportation during a move.

Moving Van: provides moving quotes and connects users with professional movers.

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