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Welcome to East Austin, one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in Austin, Texas. A sprawling area that mixes old charm with modern architectural style, East Austin encompasses nine smaller neighborhoods. Located north of the Colorado River, East Austin is bounded by the neighborhoods of Johnston Terrace and MLK to the east, Central Austin to the west, and Cherrywood to the north. Once designated by the city as a neighborhood for African Americans, East Austin is home to the only black cultural district in the State of Texas. It was until the 1970s, when the city approved an urban renewal plan to revitalize the neighborhood, did the area start to become more diverse. Some homeowners pressured to adhere to new standards were financially unable to comply and were eventually forced out of the neighborhood. While urban renewal has effectively erased much of the culturally significant homes and structures that once blanketed this area of the city, the Six Square Cultural District in East Austin has made an effort to preserve some of this neighborhood’s rich history and ethnic significance.

East Eleventh Street served as East Austin’s first commercial thoroughfare and is still a popular spot among locals. Historically black-owned businesses and shops lined this street for numerous years. While most commercial places along this strip have been remodeled or completely torn down for modern, mixed-use buildings, several spots like Historic Victory Grill have crystalized the soul of this laid-back neighborhood. A newer commercial thoroughfare along East Sixth Street is where a majority of business in East Austin takes place today. You will find some of Austin’s best Southern barbecue in East Austin. East Eleventh and East Sixth showcase East Austin’s unique architectural blend of early 20th-century homes with modern apartment buildings and hotels. Low-cost housing and proximity to nearby universities like the University of Texas and Hutson-Tillotson University, the city’s oldest college, make East Austin an attractive neighborhood for students and faculty members. Pedestrian-friendly streets and urban green spaces draw active individuals and families to East Austin. Separated from Central Austin by Interstate 35, numerous access ramps and public transportation make this an ideal home for commuters. The Red Line of Austin’s MetroRail system is accessible at Plaza Saltillo Station just south of East Sixth Street.

For some of the best barbecue brisket in Central Texas, be sure to check out Franklin Barbecue at the corner of East Eleventh and Branch Street. Rosewood Neighborhood Park is a 17-acre, pet-friendly green space with baseball fields, an outdoor pool, playground, and picnic areas for all to enjoy. Get some fresh air and hike the Boggy Creek Greenbelt Trail or head over to Oakwood Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Austin, for a somewhat spooky and historic self-guided walking tour.