Rooms for Rent and Shared Apartments in Johnston Terrace

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Rooms for Rent in Johnston Terrace

Johnston Terrace is a small, up-and-coming residential neighborhood on the eastern side of Austin, Texas. Located approximately four miles from Downtown Austin, this neighborhood attracts a variety of professionals and college students looking for homes on spacious lots at affordable prices. The housing stock in Johnston Terrace mainly consists of single-story bungalows with fenced-in yards and paved driveways. Easy access to major roadways and an abundance of public parks make Johnston Terrace an ideal neighborhood for working professionals that love the outdoors and are looking for a quiet place to settle down.

If you are considering moving to Austin and need something affordable and close to the central business district, rooms for rent in Johnston Terrace might be worth exploring. Renting a room in Johnston Terrace is a convenient way to save money not only on rent but on utilities too. Are you planning on moving in with a partner or loved one? June can help you find a room in Johnston Terrace that is couple-friendly and spacious enough for two.

Renting an Apartment in Johnston Terrace

If you are planning on moving to Austin with friends and family and need more than one bedroom, renting an apartment in Johnston Terrace is an affordable option that puts you within close proximity of Downtown. Most of the area is residential, so you can easily scout out the community in your car to find homes for rent by owners. Local real estate companies in the Austin area can also assist you in finding apartments for rent in Johnston Terrace. If you already know what features you want and the total number of rooms needed, one of the best ways of finding an apartment in Johnston Terrace is using a rental listing website that offers search filters.

Short-Term Rentals in Johnston Terrace

Apartments and rooms for rent in Johnston Terrace that offer short-term leasing can be tough to find. Timing is important when looking for short-term rentals in Johnston Terrace due to low inventory and increasing popularity. If you already know you need an apartment or room with a short-term lease, it helps to be proactive and start searching for them as soon as possible. Some rental listing websites offer lifestyle search filters to help you quickly narrow the results. To make finding a short-term rental in Johnston Terrace easier, some rental listing websites like June offer 3D virtual tours so you can easily decide from the comfort of your current home whether an apartment is good for you.

Things to Do in Johnston Terrace

Even though Johnston Terrace is predominantly residential, you can find an assortment of restaurants and shops along Airport Boulevard. A local favorite since 1973, Dan’s Hamburgers is a well-known foodie destination among Austin natives. This old-school burger joint serves classic American fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Johnston Terrace is home to multiple public parks and hiking trails for those that enjoy outdoor recreation. Govalle Neighborhood Park is a 26-acre city park with an outdoor pool, sports fields, shaded picnic areas, and hiking trails. If you are looking for a fun night out with friends or family, check out Urban Axes. This unique ax-throwing experience is just one of the many activities you will be able to save money for by renting a room in Johnston Terrace.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Johnston Terrace

If you are new to the Austin area and thinking about moving to Johnston Terrace, you probably have some questions about this neighborhood as you prepare to look for an apartment or room for rent. June has provided some answers to frequently asked questions about Johnston Terrace to help you decide on a place to live.

How Much is a Room in Johnston Terrace?

Rooms for rent in Johnston Terrace range from $400 to $1400 per month, according to current listings on This price range includes rooms for rent in Johnston Terrace that are couple-friendly, furnished, and unfurnished. You can rent a furnished room with an en suite bathroom in a shared apartment for as low as $590 per month.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Johnston Terrace?

Studio apartments and one-bedroom units in Johnston Terrace range from $819 to $2500 per month, according to current listings on Two-bedroom apartments in Johnston Terrace start at around $1050 per month and can cost as much as $3600 for newer luxury condos. You can rent a modern three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in a new complex for as low as $1202 per month.

How Much is a Short-Term Furnished Rental in Johnston Terrace?

Furnished short-term rooms for rent in Johnston Terrace start at around $1725 per month, according to current listings on You can rent a fully furnished one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with a six-month lease for as low as $2250 per month.