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Welcome to Austin’s Hyde Park, a charming residential community located in Central Austin. Just north of the University of Texas, Hyde Park is bounded by the neighborhoods of Hancock to the east, North University to the south, Triangle State to the west, and North Loop to the north. A predominately rural area until the late 19th century, Hyde Park was home to the State Fair of Texas from 1875 until 1884. Established in 1891, Hyde Park was initially promoted as a segregated, upscale suburb with large homes intended for affluent residents. An electric streetcar system that ran north from Downtown along Guadalupe Street to Hyde Park was pivotal to this neighborhood’s early success. By the early 1900s, Hyde Park was no longer being promoted as a neighborhood for Austin’s upper-class citizens. It was now being marketed as a neighborhood for the average working-class citizen. The architecture in Hyde Park experienced a shift as well. Smaller, more modest bungalows soon shared the streets with the large multi-story homes that once dominated the area. And with new development came a more diversified community that you see today.

The housing stock in Hyde Park today primarily consists of renovated bungalows and duplexes, many of which are brightly colored and unique. An almost entirely residential neighborhood, single-family homes constitute over 95-percent of the structures in Hyde Park. The idea of conformity is not a particularly popular one in Hyde Park, and many Austin residents consider it the most cultured neighborhood in the area. The Shadow Lawn Historic District in the southeast portion of Hyde Park holds the neighborhood’s oldest homes. Here you will find an eclectic mix of Queen Ann, Tudor Revival, and Victorian architecture. Quiet, tree-lined residential streets make this a popular place for families with kids. Proximity to the State Hospital and the University of Texas make Hyde Park an attractive home for medical professionals, college students, and faculty members. As with most neighborhoods in Austin, housing prices have been on the rise as more people move to the area. The current median sales price is upwards of one million dollars, a 46-percent increase from the previous year.

Numerous Capital Metro bus routes are available in Hyde Park, making this an easily accessible neighborhood for commuters looking to utilize public transportation. A walkable neighborhood with pedestrian-friendly streets, Hyde Park is also a great place for bicyclists. Spacious bike lanes along Duval Street make it a perfect route to take when commuting to UT Austin. Most of the commercial activity in Hyde Park takes place along Guadalupe Street. However, you can find some popular local eateries and markets along Duval Street.