Rooms for Rent in MacGregor

A collection of several smaller sub-neighborhoods and subdivisions, MacGregor is a super neighborhood approximately three miles south of Houston’s central business district. Located east of the Texas Medical Center and well-known Hermann Park, MacGregor is an ideal neighborhood for working professionals and outdoor enthusiasts. Proximity to several academic institutions, such as Rice University, Texas Southern University, and the University of Houston, makes MacGregor a convenient place to live for many college students. MacGregor today is known for its diverse population and stately homes displaying mid-century architecture.

If you are considering moving to Houston for work or school and need an affordable living solution, renting a room in MacGregor is a great way to conserve money without sacrificing any of the added benefits of living in this highly sought-after residential area. If you are moving to Houston for the first time, rooms for rent in MacGregor provide a perfect opportunity to meet new people and potential business connections. In addition to keeping rent down, shared apartments are great for lowering the cost of utilities.

Renting an Apartment in MacGregor

If you are planning on moving to Houston and need something larger than a private room but still modestly priced and close to commercial thoroughfares, an apartment in MacGregor could be the ideal solution. You should have no trouble finding apartments for rent in the MacGregor sub-neighborhoods of University Oaks and Riverside Terrace, as these two areas are primarily residential and economically diverse. There is no wrong way to go about finding an apartment for rent in MacGregor. However, rental listing websites can often provide more options and save you time with 3D virtual tours. If you already know how many bedrooms and what features you need, search filters can help you quickly narrow down results for MacGregor.

Short-Term Rentals in MacGregor

Despite its proximity to well-known institutions of higher education like Rice University, MacGregor is not known for its supply of short-term rentals. However, some rental listing websites like can save you time by providing lifestyle search filters, so you can quickly see what options are available. If you find a room in MacGregor that you love or an apartment you think is suitable for you and your family, it never hurts to ask the property manager or landlord if they would be willing to offer short-term leasing. Just be ready to pay more in rent each month, as short-term rentals almost always cost a little extra, especially if you want the unit furnished.

Things to Do in MacGregor

MacGregor is one of the best neighborhoods in Houston to live in if you enjoy the outdoors. MacGregor Park is a great place for outdoor recreation and exercise. This sprawling, 83-acre urban oasis features a community center, a public swimming pool, sports fields, tennis courts, and paved trails. If you want good, old-fashioned, family-friendly fun, check out the Houston Zoo. This massive animal habitat is conveniently located less than a mile west of MacGregor, in one of the city’s most popular areas, the Houston Museum District. June can help you find an affordable room to rent in MacGregor, so you will have more to spend on eating out at famous Houston restaurants like Frenchy’s Chicken.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in MacGregor

You probably have a few questions about MacGregor if you are currently living in Houston and thinking about relocating here. You might be considering several neighborhoods in the Houston area and want to know how much it costs to live in MacGregor. June is here to help you decide if this neighborhood is right for you.

How Much is a Room in MacGregor?

According to current listings on, rooms for rent in MacGregor range from $600 to $1000 per month and include both furnished and unfurnished options. This price range also includes couple-friendly rooms for rent in MacGregor. You can rent a furnished, queen-size room with an en suite bathroom for as low as $850 per month.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in MacGregor?

According to current listings on, studio apartments and one-bedroom units in MacGregor range from $800 to $2395 per month, the latter being a luxury condo on the border of the Houston Museum District. You can rent a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in MacGregor for as low as $900 per month. Three-bedroom units start at $950 and can cost as much as $4900 per month for a spacious, 3.5-bathroom home near the South Freeway.

How Much is a Short-Term Furnished Rental in MacGregor?

Furnished short-term rooms for rent in MacGregor range from $1050 to $2000 per month, according to current listings on You can rent a furnished one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with a one-month lease in MacGregor for as low as $2100 per month.