#152: Hell's Kitchen

3 bedroom. 1 bathroom. Located in the Hell's Kitchen area, this thoroughly renovated three-bedroom apartment offers a boutique hotel-like experience in a personalized environment where you can feel at home.
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The Home
The unit has been painted a soft cream white with contrasting black moldings and doors. The unit also has its own outdoor area off the living room. You’ll also find exposed brick wall through-out reminding you of New York City’s deep history.

The flat features you would need from the breakfast nook, living room, and a fully functional kitchen. The living room is quaint and is comprised of two grey lounge chairs and a TV stand. The kitchen has been recently renovated with new appliances and counters. The breakfast nook seats two is warmed up by the hand picked decor. Nonetheless, the home comes with many amenities one would expect from a boutique hotel in a personalized environment that will rightfully make you feel at home.
The space has been fully renovated to meet the June Homes’ standards.
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Home Features

We will be letting you know all the home details soon. If this location looks especially interesting to you, feel free to give us a call and we can let you know how close we are to finishing. It's never more than a couple weeks away.
Chef's Kitchen
Even if all you’re making is cereal, now you can make it like a chef.
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