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Rooms for Rent in Northern Liberties

Formerly an industrial area in downtown Philadelphia, Northern Liberties is today a hipster hotspot for students, artists, and young professionals.

Its proximity to the Center City has made it into a desirable real estate development district. In fact, Northern Liberties is ranked #7 best neighborhoods to live in Philadelphia by Niche. Many young professionals live here as it offers an urban feel.

Pulsing with trendy boutiques, art galleries, craft beer, restaurants, and coffee shops, Northern Liberties has become a favorite for foodies and art enthusiasts. Plus, it has a wide variety of affordable accommodation options.

Are you a student looking for rooms to rent in Northern Liberties? Or are you an intern who loves running outside and meeting friends for coffee? Renting a room in Northern Liberties is the best choice, whether a shared room or the entire apartment.

Renting an Apartment in Northern Liberties

Renting an apartment in Northern Liberties has never been easier. There are numerous housing options with different sizes, number of beds, and prices.

Looking for a co-shared apartment? You can find shared rooms or rent an entire apartment if you prefer not to have roommates. 

But where will you start?

You don’t have to roam from one apartment to another. Not only is it tiresome, but it’s also almost impossible to compare the rooms. June Homes will make it easy to compare prices, amenities, proximity to various locations, and anything you should know about the room you’re considering.

Short Term Rentals in Northern Liberties

If you are around for a short period, you can find rooms for rent in Northern Liberties. Short-term rentals are ideal for business people or those visiting for vacation.

Enquire from the rental company whether they offer leases for short-term stays. At June Homes, we understand frequent travelers who need a stylish place to live with flexible leasing. Stay for as little as 30 days. And if you’re unsure of how long you want to stay, you can opt for the Month-To-Month lease plan.

Things to Do in Northern Liberties

There are many things to do and sights to see in Northern Liberties. You can relax or walk your dog around Orianna Hill Park and Liberty Lands public parks. Head to The Piazza for a dining and shopping experience or the North 2nd Street for craft beer halls, dance clubs, and global restaurants.

If you’re an art lover, visit the several art galleries in Northern Liberties or head to the Liberties Walk pedestrian mall for bike paths. The nightlife here is lively!

The best way to know and experience somewhere is by living there. June will help you find a room in Northern Liberties, so you can experience the best that the neighborhood offers. 

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Northern Liberties

When renting a room in Northern Liberties, there are several factors to consider. Are you renting alone or as a couple? What amenities are you looking for? Free parking, private bathroom, laundry services? More importantly, what’s your budget?

Here are frequently asked questions about renting rooms in Northern Liberties to help you look for a suitable option.

How Much is a Room in Northern Liberties?

Shared rooms in Northern Liberties start from as low as $1,050. It is cheaper since you’re co-sharing the common areas such as the kitchen and living room.

If you’re not comfortable sharing a bathroom, some shared rooms come with a private bathroom. However, they cost more. For couples, you can look for shared apartments with couple rooms.

Usually, the rental company includes filters on their website so you can customize your search. June allows you to filter rooms with private bathrooms, bed size, laundry type, parking type, and even couple-friendliness.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Northern Liberties?

Renting an entire apartment is more costly than a room. The price depends on the size of the apartment, whether it’s furnished or not, and other factors.

The average cost of renting an apartment in Northern Liberties is $2,052 according to rentcafe.  According to Zumper, the average rent for a studio apartment is $1,495, $1,850 for a 1-bedroom apartment, $2,410 for a 2-bedroom, and $3,192 for a 3-bedroom.

How Much is a Short Term Furnished Rental in Northern Liberties?

According to Zillow, furnished apartments for a short-term stay in Northern Liberties start from $1,850. You can opt to rent a furnished room or the entire apartment.

Additionally, you can choose from a studio apartment or one with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Most of these apartments are multi-story buildings, and the floor sizes also differ.

For a short-term stay, a furnished apartment offers you all the conveniences so you can feel settled. If you’re not sure how long you’ll be staying, consider the Month-To-Month plan.