Frequently asked questions

We gathered some of the most frequent questions and our answers to them.

What’s included in June Homes membership?

​​Deep cleaning of all common areas (weekly or bi-monthly, depends on the home), Wi-Fi, Netflix, HBO, Cable TV, Espresso coffee, paper towels, toilet paper, dish detergent, hand soap, air freshener, laundry detergent (check if your home is eligible), cleaning supplies.

What’s your minimal stay?

Our shortest stay is 30 days. We dont do AirBnB or Short term rentals. All of our homes are in compliance with local legislation and rules

What does home share mean?

In our shared apartments we offer you a portion of a beautiful home where you will share bathrooms, kitchens, living room (s) with other roommates. Please note that none of the bedrooms in home shares have exterior door locks as per New York City laws. All occupants of the space co-sign a joined agreement for the unit.

Who am I going to share a home with?

We guarantee a great community in our homes, as we handpick every Member. Most of our Members are creative, hard-working professionals and students from around the world.

How do you make sure it's safe and secure?

Safety is a number one priority for us. Every member goes through extensive criminal and background checks as well as a 3 step approval process that includes interviews with our employees. Some of our homes are equipped with CCTV video surveillance in common areas. A set of strict, but reasonable rules are enforced in all of our homes.

This feels too good to be true, are you guys real?

June Homes is a venture backed startup from San Francisco and our mission is to reinvent the way traditional housing is done in major cities. We have a great team, reputable investors and have been featured in press, both nationwide and internationally. So yes, we’re very real.

Do you guarantee any specific brand for soap, laundry, dish detergent and other supplies?

In June homes we always provide products that we personally tested and made sure they are good quality, though, we don’t guarantee any specific brands.

What if I accidentally lock myself out, lose or misplace my key?

In the event when the Member is locked out and a June Homes representative receives the call to resolve the lock out issue, the Member will be required to pay the fee in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100). In case if the Member loses the key, the Member is required to pay the key replacement fee of one hundred dollars ($100).

Application process
What’s your application process?

The qualification process in New York isn’t easy and even difficult at times, but at June we do our best to simplify it. After touring with us and picking your home/room, please fill out the application here on our site. After we receive your electronic application we will request up to 3 supplemental documents to verify information provided in your application (job offer, pay stub, bank statement, tax returns). After we receive these documents from you, we will make a decision within 24 hours and send you electronic agreement to sign.

How do I qualify?

To qualify you must prove your income (your monthly income should be 3 times your rent, so in order to rent for $2,000/month room you should be making $6000). If you don’t qualify on your income, you would need to demonstrate 80x rent in cash assets. If you can’t demonstrate either income / funds in your bank account we require a U.S. based guarantor that makes 80x rent in annual income.

Couples policy

A number of our homes are great for couples as well. We charge an additional $250 monthly fee for an additional person living in the room.

Guest policy

Daytime Visitor – your friend(s) that visit anytime from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The Member is to be present during all times when visitor is at house. We allow up to 2 Daytime Visitors at a time. If you would like to invite more than 2 Daytime Visitors at once, it is required to receive consent of all other living in Members.

Overnight Guest – your friend that stays in a June home anytime past 10:00 PM. In order to register an overnight Guest, you must send us the Full name, Email or Phone number of your Guest. If needed, we will send your Guest access to the home/room. There is a limit of maximum 8 Overnight Guests per month, only one at a time. There is a charge of $20/day for any additional days over the 8 nights.

June Homes Members take full responsibility for their Guests and Visitors. All violation of an Overnight Guest or a Day Visitor is considered the Member's violations and policy applies accordingly. All damage caused by a Guest or a Visitor is considered as damage caused by the Member.


For most of our homes, we have on-street parking as the only option.


Most of our homes are not the best fit for pets. Homes that allow pets are marked with “pet friendly” signs. ESAN are not allowed either, only service pets as required by law.

Do you show my home during my stay?

June Homes offers potential members to see all available homes in person during reasonable hours (depends on the home) on weekdays and weekends. We always give our existing members heads up of future showings.

What if i want to move out of June Homes earlier then my agreement ends?

You can move-out earlier than your agreement ends by finding a replacement who will take over your agreement. Upon your written request, we will provide you with standard description and photos that you can use to find a replacement. Any leads you send us will still need to be approved by June Homes through a video interview, tour, financial verification, and background check. If you have an interested lead, please email and we'll get the process going.

What payment options do I have?

We recommend our members to use ACH or direct deposit for free, but for a small convenience fee (~3%) we also allow debit and credit card payments. American Express, PayPal, Venmo, paper checks, gift cards, or prepaid cards are not accepted.

How soon will I receive my security deposit after move-out date?

We refund security deposit within 1 month, but usually much faster🙂

June Homes Members Right of First Refusal

If we receive an application for the room that you are currently renting for dates after your agreement duration, we will send you an email that will contain the new applicant’s move-out date that needs to be responded to within 24 hours. You will have the right of first refusal to extend your stay to the new applicant's move-out date. If we do not receive a response from you within the allotted 24 hour window from when our notification email was sent out, your room will be offered to the new applicant and we will request your move-out as per the signed agreement. As an existing June Homes member, you will always be prioritized for other homes within our network. However, if it is less than 30 days from your end date, we reserve the right to sell the room.

When is my stay and price guaranteed?

After you sign your contract with June Homes, we lock your price and no longer change it until the end of your contract. Please note that we reserve a right to change your price after your contract ends. June Homes uses dynamic pricing model and all rates depend on the selected home, room, duration of stay, move-in date, move-out date and other factors that we do not disclose. After agreement is signed, your price is final, non negotiable and is locked for the duration of your contract.

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