#196: South Boston

Crisp grey walls and contrasting moldings define this 3 bedroom - 1 bathroom flat in South Boston. You’ll encounter pops of color from the wall art to the tropical plants. We welcome you to experience our home.
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The Home
Tucked in the middle of South Boston is this 3 bedroom - 1 bathroom home. We’ve designed the space to provide a sublime environment while remaining functional. The walls are painted a crisp light grey while the moldings and doors are a contrasting satin black finish. We want you to feel as if you live in an art gallery with unique photos and decor as the finishing touch.

You enter the unit through a long corridor which separates the kitchen and living room in the rear and the bedrooms that are in the front. The kitchen has been fully renovated and is equipped with new appliances. The living room and kitchen share a room and allow for compartmentalized privacy between the two wings of the home.
The space has been fully renovated to meet the June Homes’ standards.
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Home Features

Live in luxury, at the heart of South Boston. This historic building has been gut renovated beautifully and has been appointed with the finest amenities to suit your every need with everything from:
In-unit washer & dryer
Enjoy the relaxation of doing laundry in the comfort of your own home
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What's included in the price
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High quality linens
Dishwasher pods
Air Freshener
Dish soap
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Cleaning supplies
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