2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Lake View

Welcome to the Chicago community area of Lake View. One of the seventy-seven community areas in the City of Chicago , Lake View, also spelled Lakeview, is the second-largest area by population. Located on the North Side of Chicago, Lake View is bounded by Lake Michigan to the east, Lincoln Park to the south, North Center to the west, and Uptown to the north. Like most of Chicago’s community areas before the advent of railroad lines, Lake View started as a rural farming area in the mid-19th century, where celery was the predominant crop. Due to its proximity to Lake Michigan and the scenic views it offered, Lake View soon became a retreat for wealthy Chicagoans. The first hotel was built in 1854 near Lake Shore Drive as a resort for those seeking a reprieve from the city’s heat and overcrowding. A boarding house for weary travelers and vacationers, the Lake View House hotel was intended to attract potential investors to this lakeshore land which offered untapped potential and beauty. Increasing travel to this area prompted the residential development of land to the west. Lake View transitioned from a resort destination to an incorporated city within approximately thirty years. By 1887, over 45,000 people were living in Lake View. With an increasing demand for better access to public services, Lake View was annexed to Chicago in 1889, spurring a construction boom. Over 40-percent of the area’s present-day buildings and homes were constructed at that time. By the mid-20th century, Lake View had transformed from a collection of farms and country estates into a flourishing urban area with burgeoning commercial districts and popular attractions like Wrigley Field. The abundance of high-rise apartments and multi-family low-rise structures built in what would become the Lake View East neighborhood attracted an eclectic mix of working-class Chicagoans, giving Lake View the diversity seen here today.

Comprised of several distinct neighborhoods and districts, such as Wrigleyville with its sports-themed bars and restaurants, Lake View is a vibrant community area with a laidback atmosphere that, as the name suggests, offers scenic views of Lake Michigan. Home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field still to this day serves as one of the biggest attractions not only for Chicago but specifically for Lake View. But this Chicago community area isn’t all about sports. Offering numerous venues, such as Metro, which hosts local, regional, and national bands and musicians, Lake View is well known for its comedy, dance, and theatre scenes. If you are looking to do some shopping, you will want to check out the bustling commercial districts along North Southport Avenue and North Clark Street, which also has a seemingly endless assortment of bars , cafes, and nightclubs. Broadway in East Lake View is a lively dining district with a plethora of trendy cafes and upscale restaurants. Outdoor enthusiasts will want to be sure to visit the 1,200-acre urban green space along the shores of Lake Michigan, which offers various amenities and access to the Lakefront Trail.