Rooms for Rent in Pilsen

Known for its vibrant Latino culture and culinary scene, Pilsen is a commercial and residential neighborhood in Chicago’s Lower West Side. Named after the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic, Pilsen has a long history of being a gateway for immigrants coming to the City of Chicago. Its diversity is one of Pilsen’s most attractive qualities for the eclectic demographic of college students, single professionals, and young families who call this neighborhood home. As of 2006, nearly all residential sections in Pilsen are considered part of the Historic Pilsen District, which has helped preserve the integrity of this neighborhood and bolster property values.

If you are new to the Chicago area and looking to save money, renting a room in Pilsen is a convenient way to meet new people and keep housing costs down. Rooms for rent in Pilsen give tenants plenty of options in regards to location and size. Are you planning to move in with a partner or prefer more privacy? June can help you find a room in Pilsen with enough closet space for two and a private bathroom.

Renting an Apartment in Pilsen

Approximately three miles southwest of Downtown Chicago, Pilsen is a densely populated neighborhood with a diverse housing stock that includes modestly priced apartments in low-rise buildings and multi-family three-story brick homes. There are several ways to go about finding an apartment in Pilsen. The old-school method of driving around the neighborhood in search of rental signage works just fine in Pilsen. Using a real estate agent is helpful for those that can afford the time it takes to set up a listing appointment. However, if you are looking to save time and money, rental listing websites like June can help you locate, tour, and sign a lease on an apartment in Pilsen, all from the comfort of your home.

Short-Term Rentals in Pilsen

Finding short-term rentals in Pilsen can be challenging compared to nearby community areas like Near West Side, which is home to the University of Illinois Chicago. Timing is key when finding apartments and rooms for rent in Pilsen that offer short-term leasing, as they tend to rent quickly. More and more landlords and property managers across the City of Chicago have begun offering alternative leasing options as the demand for short-term rentals increases. If you find a room in Pilsen that you love, it never hurts to ask the landlord if they would be willing to offer short-term leasing. However, be prepared to pay extra for such accommodation, as short-term rentals tend to cost more.

Things to Do in Pilsen

West 18th Street serves as the main commercial thoroughfare in Pilsen, along which you can find an assortment of bars, restaurants, and locally-owned shops. If you enjoy live music, catch a show at Thalia Hall. This historic venue regularly hosts headliners and up-and-coming performers. As previously mentioned, Pilsen is a known foodie destination for those that enjoy authentic Latin American cuisine, but it is also home to several Chicago-style pizza joints. Stop by Benny’s Pizza for a tasty slice and enjoy the colorful Aztec-inspired murals on the front of the building. If you are in the mood for outdoor recreation, head to Dvorak (Anton) Park. This 6.5-acre public park offers a public pool, two gymnasiums, sports fields, picnic areas, and much more. Renting a room in Pilsen can help you save money for nights out in this exciting neighborhood.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Pilsen

If you are contemplating moving to this neighborhood, you probably want to know how much apartments and rooms for rent in Pilsen cost. June has provided some answers to frequently asked questions about Pilsen to help you decide on the best living arrangement.

How Much is a Room in Pilsen?

Rooms for rent in Pilsen range from $400 to $800 per month, according to current room listings on This price range includes couple-friendly rooms for rent in Pilsen that are furnished and unfurnished. You can rent an unfurnished room in a shared apartment with laundry facilities onsite for as low as $770 per month.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Pilsen?

Studio apartments and one-bedroom units in Pilsen range from $900 to $2250 per month, according to current listings on You can rent an 800-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit in Pilsen for as low as $1300 per month. Three-bedroom and larger units in Pilsen range from $1480 to $3995 per month, the latter being a three-bedroom, three-bathroom luxury penthouse near 18th Street.

How Much is a Short-Term Furnished Rental in Pilsen?

According to current listings on, furnished short-term apartments and rooms for rent in Pilsen range from $950 to $2770 per month, the latter being a 1000-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bathroom luxury unit.