Boyle Heights, historically known as Paredón Blanco, is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, located east of the Los Angeles River. It is one of the city’s most notable and historic Chicano/Mexican-American communities and is known as a bastion of Chicano culture, hosting cultural landmarks like Mariachi Plaza and events like the annual Día de los Muertos celebrations.

Boyle Heights has seen many diverse populations live in its 6.5 square mile area: it housed some of the largest populations of Japanese and Jewish people in Southern California before evolving into a largely Mexican-American enclave by the late 1940s. A largely residential neighborhood, Boyle Heights has attracted a diverse group of people because of its affordable, non-segregated housing. Currently over 94% Latino, Boyle Heights has a unique culture that transcends its superficial lack of diversity through historical buildings and delicious restaurants that tell the multicultural story of Boyle Heights.

Boyle Heights is a vibrant place rich in its celebration of Latinx heritage and cultural resilience. If you’re in Los Angeles and looking for an experience that will take you through meaningful historical and aesthetic spaces, head to this special neighborhood.

As you step foot into the start of Boyle Heights, throughout this neighborhood, you will notice several small coffee shops, book stores, landmarks, and pockets of artistic gold sprouting from its nooks and crannies. Famous murals which go back decades, tell stories of the community with a deep history in the revolutionary Chicano Movement.

Music makes Boyle Heights exceptional. This neighborhood has remained a musical sanctuary for mariachi musicians since the 1950s. Just walking around Boyle Heights, you’ll see mariachi performers walking around in their traditional attire.

Espacio 1839 in Boyle Heights is so much more a shop. It’s everything we love about a local artisan shop combined with an art gallery and a cultural space for local creatives. When you enter Espacio 1839, you are enjoying and supporting a neighborhood collective of art, books, fashion, music, and more. Every item on display is reflective of the community that supports and fills it. Indeed, the community fills this store not only in visual art but also in audio, as the location is also a community-based digital radio station. Espacios 1839 is located right next to Mariachi Plaza, so be sure to stop in while you experience other cultural offerings in the square.

Every Sunday, Mariachi Plaza is bustling with a community artisan market. Admission is free and the atmosphere is family-friendly. This open-air market has a pleasant feel. As you peruse booths and tables of food, you may be lucky enough to be serenaded by the music of mariachi bands. Here, you will also find homemade food for you and your family to enjoy at the market.The Boyle Heights Sunday Market is a great way to get a taste of the rich flavors of the neighborhood.

Casa 0101 is a must-visit when visiting Boyle Heights. This theater was launched by Josefina Lopez, the author of the Real Women Have Curves, a play set in East L.A. that tells the coming of age story of five Mexican-American women. Josefina was from this side of Los Angeles, and her goal was to bring live theater here! How touching.

Visit Boyle Heights and enjoy your time in June perfect apartment!