#178: H-Street Corridor

This property’s claim to fame is two-fold: its thorough renovation was done entirely in character of a modern hotel and has been carefully designed to ensure a supremely comforting experience.
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The Home
This four bed, three full bath property has a feeling of luxury with clarity in its design, which is then combined with the vibrant and modernized residential feel of the H Corridor.
In the living room, the combination of the neutral palette together with the exceptional furniture chosen for this space makes you understand that prime importance was paid to everything that stands within these walls.The newly renovation kitchen and its expansive center island adds ample room to chef up and entertain guests. Nonetheless, one will notice that great detail has been given from the construction to decoration in order to achieve this sense of design and function.
Welcome to this amazing, well appointed, lovingly designed home located in the center.
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Home Features

Live in luxury, at the heart of H-Street Corridor. This historic building is beautiful, and the apartment has been appointed with the finest amenities to suit your every need with everything from:
Entertainment System
We’ve got everything you need to binge watch your favorite shows and movies.
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What's included in the price
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High quality linens
Dishwasher pods
Air Freshener
Dish soap
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Cleaning supplies
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H St
at h-street NE2 mins
at Columbus Circle19 mins
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