Welcome to Truxton Circle, a small, residential neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Located approximately two miles from Downtown, Truxton Circle, despite its name, is a triangle-shaped neighborhood bordered by Eckington to the east, NoMa to the south, Shaw to the west, and LeDroit Park to the north. Named after a former traffic circle at the intersection of Florida Avenue and North Capitol Street, the Thomas Truxton traffic circle featured a fountain up until it was demolished in 1947. Many of Truxton’s residents have lived here for decades, giving this quaint neighborhood a strong sense of community and pride. Quiet, tree-lined streets lead you through city blocks adorned by 19th-century rowhouses and buildings, some of which have been repurposed and others still serve their intended purpose, such as Friendship Armstrong Academy, where the famous musician Duke Ellington graduated. Another notable school building still in use today is Dunbar High School, the first public high school for black students in the United States.

The colorful, modestly-sized rowhouses of Truxton Circle are a warm and inviting change from the modern mid to high-rise buildings you will find along North Capitol Street. With proximity to green spaces, grocery stores, and fantastic restaurants, all within walking distance, Truxton Park is a magnet for families, as well as working professionals that commute into Downtown or Capitol Hill for work. Considerable redevelopment in surrounding neighborhoods has spilled into Truxton Circle over the past decade and ignited an investor-fueled run on housing stock. While prices remain lower than they are in Shaw and Bloomingdale, there is no denying the fact this neighborhood is on the rise in a big way. Most of the commercial activity you will find in Truxton Circle takes place along the bustling corridor of North Capitol Street. However, a short walk over to the commercial streets of neighboring Shaw will reward you with a decent selection of trendy bars, ethnic restaurants, and local boutiques.

For those looking to take advantage of public transportation, numerous bus stops along North Capitol Street and Florida Avenue will get you where you need to go. While Truxton Circle lacks direct access to the Washington Metro, the NoMa-Gallaudet station just a few blocks away offers access to trains on the Red Line, which will take you south to the busy Washington Union Station. If you are looking for some outdoor recreation, head over to Florida Avenue Playground, where you can find a basketball court and places for kids to play. Treat your sweet tooth and stop into Uncle Chip’s Cookies, a mom-and-pop cafe with great sandwiches and savory desserts.