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Woodley Park


Located in the Northwest of Washington D.C., Woodley Park is the perfect residential hideaway.

With the National Zoo and Rock Creek Park nearby, this uptown neighborhood is popular among nature enthusiasts, who also want to be close to all the comforts of a city.

Full of lush green trees, and historic architecture, Woodley Park is home to a number of iconic sights, such as the Duke Elington, and Taft bridges, and a mural of Marilyn Monroe.

It’s also easy to get to the neighborhood; a number of fine roads, and the Metro connect Woodley Park with surrounding areas.


Smithsonian's National Zoo


The biggest attraction of Woodley Park, Smithsonian’s National Zoo is spread across 163 acres of land, and houses more than 1500 animals.

It offers a free of cost entry, and is not just a picnic spot for families to drop by or spend a day with the animals – Smithsonian’s National Zoo is also a world class research center, and conservation center.

The Zoo accommodates more than 300 species; 25 percent of which are endangered. The park receives an average of 2 million visitors per year, mostly attracted by the stars of the Zoo – the giant pandas.


Rock Creek Park


Expanding from northwest D.C. to Maryland, Rock Creek Park covers 2,100 acres. It is one of America’s top tier urban parks, with a variety of outdoor activities.

For adventure enthusiasts in the city, Rock Creek Park is the perfect retreat. From biking and hiking, to tennis, and horse-back riding, you will find about everything that gives you a rush of pure adrenaline.

The park also hosts several music and dance performances in its spectacular amphitheater, which is usually packed with people during the summers.

Rock Creek Park, founded in 1890, is one of America’s oldest parks, and has a number of educational and cultural resources for people of all ages to enjoy.


Life in Woodley Park


Renowned for its lush green trees, Woodley Park is not just about its natural beauty. It is the neighborhood with a large Marilyn Monroe mural, historic architecture, a range of eateries, and large hotels. Be it food, the buildings, or the residents and their lifestyles, Woodley Park is truly a diverse neighborhood.




Life in Woodley Park is simple and secure – while it was initially planned that the nearby Connecticut Avenue would be lined with elegant homes, it now houses multiple high rises and luxurious apartments.

At Woodley Park, you will find a variety of housing options; from 2-bedroom condos, to small studio apartments, or houses with large backyards.


Restaurants and Eateries


Woodley Park has a range of restaurants with a variety of international cuisines.

You can fulfill your craving for authentic Mexican food with the Beef tongue tacos from the Mayahuel Cocina Mexicana, or treat your taste buds with Mediterranean flavors at Lebanese Taverna.

There are numerous roadside cafes that are best for grabbing a quick bite – you’ll also find many places serving all day breakfast, including scrumptious pancakes and omelets. Bars and small coffee shops can be found on practically every street, so you can grab your favorite drink and stroll around the neighborhood.