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Beacon Hill

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Beacon Hill
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Beacon Hill
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Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill

As Boston’s oldest and most exclusive area, Beacon Hill is a charming neighborhood with cobblestone streets and brick homes that add to its beauty. 

While the area originally had three hills - Mount Vernon, Pemberton Hill, and Beacon Hill – and was referred to as tri-mount, these hills were eventually leveled for the development of the neighborhood.

The Beacon Hill we know now has three distinct sections; the flat of the hill, the North slope, and the South slope.
Walk Around Beacon Hill

With cobblestone streets and gas-lit sidewalks, this historic neighborhood has a decidedly vintage vibe to it.

Beacon Hill also features some of the finest examples of Federal architecture, Greek Revival townhouses, and Victorian churches – these showcase the long and rich history of not just the neighborhood but of the overall city. 

The Massachusetts State House

Also known as the New State House, The Massachusetts State House is the state capitol of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Built by architect Charles Bulfinch in 1798, and covered in 23 karat gold, the State House is the most famous landmark of Beacon Hill – and the oldest building in the area!

The State House holds the Massachusetts court house and governor offices – just imagine, this is the building where all the state laws are proposed and passed.

Want to visit The Massachusetts State House? It’s usually open for free of cost tours for the public, from Monday to Friday, between 10 am to 3:30 pm. If you’re lucky, you can also watch the lawmakers hard at work, if the government is in session.

Vilna Shul

As the only authentic Jewish cultural and historical site in Boston, Vilna Shul is a historic landmark. It was originally built as a house of prayer in 1919 for poor immigrants – currently, it operates as a community center for all the Jewish residents of the city.

The interior of this old building is filled with gorgeous murals, depicting scenes like the Tomb of Rachel and Hebron’s Cave of Machpelah.

Visitors can tour the Vilna Shul in groups or by themselves; you can also attend one of the many community events hosted for the public.


During the 1800s, Beacon Hill, especially the south slope, was planned and developed as an elegant residential area for aristocrats of the time. Huge mansions and adjoining brick row houses built in a federal style, were quite popular during that era. Commonly known as Boston Brahmins, the rich resided in this region of the city.

Over the years, when Brahmins moved out to the suburbs, their stately houses turned into small apartments, or condos. The Beacon Hill we see now, is filled with many such residential buildings that are simply gorgeous.


As the most desirable and posh neighborhood of Boston, Beacon Hill offers the best nightlife in the city. 

It is home to dozens of dive bars and pubs for the residents to relax in or party hard – depending on their mood!

Liberty Hotel

Formerly the infamous Charles Street jail, the building is now the luxurious Liberty Hotel. It has some of the trendiest bars, and high end restaurants in the city – including Alibi, Clink the Yard, Liberty Bar, and Catwalk etc.
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