Short Term Rentals & Furnished Apartments in Jamaica Plain

Rooms for Rent in Jamaica Plain

About as diverse as one can get for a neighborhood in the City of Boston, Jamaica Plain is home to an eclectic demographic of artists, college students, single professionals, and young families. Jamaica Plain has changed significantly since its establishment as one of the first streetcar suburbs in the late 19th century. However, the urban vibe of this neighborhood has never dissipated. Jamaica Plain is known today for its beautiful public parks and impressive collection of old Victorian homes, which offer ample housing for those looking to find a room for rent. This neighborhood is also home to numerous locally-owned small businesses and popular attractions like the Samuel Adams Boston Brewery and Franklin Park Zoo.

There are many reasons why one might be interested in moving to Jamaica Plain. Proximity to Downtown Boston and Northeastern University are two major selling points for those that end up renting a room in Jamaica Plain. Median prices for entire apartments have been on the rise, as Jamaica Plain has become one of Boston’s more highly sought-after neighborhoods. All the more reason to rent a single room in a shared apartment if you have your heart set on living in this charming area.

Renting an Apartment in Jamaica Plain

An increasingly popular option for young families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of busier Boston neighborhoods like North End and Downtown, Jamaica Plain offers a variety of entire apartments. Some of these apartments may stand alone. Others may occupy the second floor of an iconic pre-war triple-decker house. Whatever your living arrangements are, you can certainly find something in Jamaica Plain that checks all the boxes. Finding the perfect apartment with all of the features you are looking for might take some time, but June is here to help make your next transition as painless as possible.

Short Term Rentals in Jamaica Plain

Short-term rentals in Jamaica Plain are convenient living arrangements for traveling healthcare workers and college students, as well as those who may be waiting to move into a recently purchased new home. Whatever the reason, you need not worry about finding something suitable in Jamaica Plain. There are numerous options to choose from that are currently available. Whether it is a single room in a shared unit or a studio apartment, prices tend to be higher for short-term rentals and may come fully furnished. Keep in mind that June offers month-to-month leasing on all of its rooms and apartments.

Things to Do in Jamaica Plain

Finding things to do in Jamaica Plain will not be difficult, as this lovely neighborhood offers a variety of fun and exciting attractions for people of all ages. No matter where you end up renting a room, you won’t be far from picturesque venues like Olmstead Park with its collection of ponds and the Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University’s free outdoor plant museum.

If outdoor attractions are not necessarily your proverbial cup of tea (or coffee), there is an assortment of independently owned shops and eateries along Centre Street. Take your pick of cozy cafes and funky restaurants along this commercial thoroughfare that winds its way through the heart of Jamaica Plain. Check out J.P. Licks if you are looking to satisfy that sweet tooth. This local ice cream chain serves up some unique flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Jamaica Plain

Before renting a room or an apartment in a new place, it never hurts to get an idea of what you might be paying each month in rent. Below you will find some estimates of what you might end up forking out for a single room or an entire apartment in Jamaica Plain.

How Much is a Room in Jamaica Plain?

According to, rooms for rent in Jamaica Plain cost anywhere from $700 to $1400 and may or may not be furnished. The overall size of the room and any special features like a private bathroom will affect the price. Moving in with a partner and sharing a room may also affect your monthly rent.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Jamaica Plain?

One-bedroom apartments and studios for rent in Jamaica Plain will range anywhere from $2370 to $5141, according to RentCafe. The price range for two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments is between $3000 and $5321. The median rent for an apartment in Jamaica Plain is approximately $3060. 

How Much is a Short Term Furnished Rental in Jamaica Plain?

According to current listings on, a short-term rental in Jamaica Plain will cost you anywhere from $850 to $5321. This range includes both furnished and unfurnished rooms and apartments. A short-term lease for a single room in a shared apartment will top out at around $1550, while a short-term lease for an entire apartment starts at roughly $2250.