Welcome to Newton Corner, a friendly, residential neighborhood located in Newton, Massachusetts. Roughly seven miles west of Boston, Newton Corner is one of thirteen villages that make up the City of Newton. The origin of Newton Corner dates back to the 1630s when a farming settlement cropped up around the intersection of what we know today as Washington and Centre Street. Rural roads branched off of these two streets and led to the development of farmhouses. As more people migrated east towards Boston via Washington Street, Newton Corner grew in popularity and rural roads became residential streets. Pretty soon, local stores and taverns opened up along this route to accommodate the influx of travelers and residents. Running parallel to Washington Street, the expansion of the Massachusetts Turnpike through the center of Newton Corner in the 1960s completely changed this heavily-populated village forever. Built along the lines of a former commuter railroad that shuffled people between Newton and Boston, the turnpike forced many commercial buildings in this area to be torn down. However, most commercial businesses in Newton Corner today can still be found along Washington Street.

Newton’s first official village on record, Newton Corner today has a population of approximately 8,463. With median home values that top the million-dollar mark, Newton Corner is an affluent residential neighborhood with architecture that ranges from pre-war buildings and modern high-rises to Victorian triple-deckers and rowhouses. A diverse neighborhood with good schools and mostly quiet streets, Newton Corner is a popular place to live among small and large families. This neighborhood is also home to college students who attend nearby Boston College in Brighton and working professionals that commute via the easily accessible Massachusetts Turnpike, which runs through the northern section of Newton Corner. While lacking direct access to MBTA’s commuter rail system, Newton Corner is one of the busiest MBTA bus interchanges, offering a total of 11 routes to get you where you need to go.

A walkable neighborhood with plenty of sidewalks and a suburban feel, Newton Corner offers its residents a handful of public parks to enjoy, as well as a decent selection of restaurants, pubs, and cafes near the turnpike. Grab the four-legged friends and family members and head over to the 4.6-acre Hunnewell Park, which offers softball and soccer fields, as well as a playground for the kids. There is also a public golf course in the southeastern portion of Newton Corner which offers scenic views and fresh air.