Short Term Rentals & Furnished Apartments in Polish Triangle

Rooms for Rent in Polish Triangle

Named after the Polish immigrants who settled here, Polish Triangle is a compact and historic sub-neighborhood of Dorchester. While Polish Triangle has grown more diverse over the years, as young families and single professionals leave more congested areas like South Boston and settle here, this neighborhood remains a bastion of Polish heritage. At 51 acres, Polish Triangle is a small, almost entirely residential neighborhood with a few restaurants and retail stores along its borders.

A majority of the people who live in this northern section of Dorchester own their homes. However, there is an increasing number of college students and working professionals moving into the area and looking for rooms to rent in Polish Triangle. Proximity to Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts Boston makes this an especially appealing neighborhood for the former. Given the rising cost of living, renting a room in Polish Triangle makes a lot of sense for those on a strict budget, hoping to save a few hundred dollars every month.

Renting an Apartment in Polish Triangle

Located right off the Southeast Expressway, which intersects with the Massachusetts Turnpike and empties into Downtown Boston, Polish Triangle is a popular neighborhood among families comprised of professionals who commute to work. However, the times have changed, and more professionals are working from home. When it comes time to decide on your next home, you might decide you need additional space for a home office. Should this be the case when searching for a room in Polish Triangle, an entire apartment could be the better solution. Apartments range from one to six bedrooms.

Short Term Rentals in Polish Triangle

Whether you are a traveling professional on an extended work trip or a college student finishing up a summer semester, short-term leasing has become commonplace for many. Short-term rentals are in high demand, so it would be prudent for anyone expecting to rent on a month-to-month basis to start their search sooner rather than later. Thankfully, you can do all of your short-term rental hunting from the comfort of your home. With companies like June, you can browse all available listings in Polish Triangle with just a few clicks.

Things to Do in Polish Triangle

Approximately two miles south of Downtown Boston, Polish Triangle is an ideal spot for those that prefer less commotion. Unlike Downtown, this neighborhood is not known for its historic sites and tourist attractions. However, Polish Triangle does offer a handful of bars, dining establishments, and locally-owned shops for you to enjoy.

If you like the upbeat sounds of polka music and authentic Polish delicacies, such as pierogies and potato pancakes, you will definitely want to check out Cafe Polonia. Veterans Park on Devine Way offers a couple of basketball and tennis courts for those looking for some outdoor recreation. One of the newer establishments in the North Dorchester area, Dorchester Brewing Company is an excellent meeting spot for friends who enjoy craft beer and barbecue.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Polish Triangle

Are you thinking about renting a room or an apartment in Polish Triangle but are unsure how much it might cost you? June has you covered. The following rent-related answers are merely estimates meant to help you gauge how much you might be spending each month to live in Polish Triangle.

How Much is a Room in Polish Triangle?

Private rooms in shared apartments range anywhere from $795 to $1450, according to current listings on These prices will vary based on the overall room size and whether it includes special features like a private bathroom. Keep in mind if you plan to move in with a partner, a couples-friendly room may cost you more in rent each month.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Polish Triangle?

The median rent for apartments in North Dorchester and Polish Triangle is $3,298, which is $1829 above the national median rent, according to map-based rental site HotPads. Listings for studio and one-bedroom apartments on Trulia are in short supply. Prices currently range from $2250 to $2300 per month, as pricing is competitive. Two-bedroom apartments are also somewhat tough to find. Prices start at around $2625 and top out at about $2725. Apartments with at least three bedrooms will cost you anywhere from $2600 and $5200, the latter price reflecting homes with as many as five bedrooms.

How Much is a Short Term Furnished Rental in Polish Triangle?

According to current listings on, a short-term apartment for rent in Polish Triangle will cost you anywhere from $2625 to $6950 per month. Typically, the higher the price, the larger the apartment. Short-term rooms for rent in Polish Triangle range from $925 to $1125 for unfurnished and $1225 to $1625 for furnished. These prices may or may not reflect additional monthly fees associated with month-to-month leasing.