Rooms for Rent in Savin Hill

Located inside one of Boston’s largest neighborhoods, Savin Hill is a small coastal region near the University of Massachusetts Boston. Approximately one square mile in total area, this sub-neighborhood of Dorchester is known for its beaches and public parks. Savin Hill is home to a diverse demographic of college students, young families, and working professionals. Savin Hill offers its residents proximity to Boston’s central business district and other popular neighborhoods like South Boston at a reasonable price compared to areas closer to Downtown.

If you are contemplating moving to Boston and attending one of the many universities in the region, you might want to consider renting a room in Savin Hill. It is a cost-efficient housing solution and a great way to make new friends if you are new to the Boston area. If you plan on working Downtown and don’t mind the short commute, renting a room in Savin Hill allows you to save money for things like gas and parking, which can be expensive in Boston. June can help you find rooms for rent in Savin Hill, so you can save money without sacrificing luxury.

Renting an Apartment in Savin Hill

If you are thinking about moving to this historic Boston neighborhood with friends and family, you probably want a home to yourself. The rental stock in Savin Hill mainly consists of modestly priced apartments located in multi-family triple-deckers and low-rise buildings. Local real estate companies are great resources for finding and touring apartments in Savin Hill. However, rental listing websites typically provide you with more options and better prices. Virtual 3D tours can save you time and money by letting you see the inside of an apartment from the comfort of your home or office. June offers detailed search filters that can help you quickly find an apartment in Savin Hill that suits your needs.

Short-Term Rentals in Savin Hill

Are you a college student attending an upcoming semester at UMass Boston or a working professional on a temporary assignment? If so, you might consider a short-term rental in the Savin Hill neighborhood. While the supply of short-term rentals is somewhat limited for this neighborhood, finding apartments and rooms for rent in Savin Hill that offer short-term leasing is simple when you use rental listing websites that offer search filters. Real estate agencies can also help you find short-term rentals, but be prepared to pay more for such accommodation. If you are contemplating moving to Dorchester but are unsure how long you plan to stay, June can help you find a room in Savin Hill with a flexible, short-term lease.

Things to Do in Savin Hill

Savin Hill is almost entirely residential. However, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do on the other side of Interstate 93 and along Dorchester Avenue. If you like trying out new restaurants, check out Savin Bar and Kitchen. This modern and upbeat establishment offers American fare and craft cocktails at a reasonable price. If you enjoy presidential history and architecture, spend an afternoon exploring the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Are you in the mood for some outdoor activity? Grab a friend and head to Savin Hill or Malibu Beach for a day in the sand without having to leave the city. June can help you find a room in Savin Hill within walking distance of these spots and many more.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Savin Hill

If you are considering moving to Savin Hill, you most likely have at least a few questions about living in this historic Boston neighborhood. June is here to help. Please refer to the following FAQs to get an idea of what it costs to live in this area.

How Much is a Room in Savin Hill?

Rooms for rent in Savin Hill range from $733 to $1650, according to current listings on This price range includes rooms that are furnished, unfurnished, and couple-friendly. You can rent an unfurnished room with a private bathroom in Savin Hill for as low as $1650 per month.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Savin Hill?

Studio apartments and one-bedroom units for rent in Savin Hill range from $2595 to $2870 per month, according to current listings on Two-bedroom homes in Savin Hill start at around $2000 per month and can cost as much as $2800 for a 900-square-foot unit near Savin Hill Avenue. Three-bedroom and larger apartments range from $2495 to $5500 per month, the latter being a five-bedroom, three-bathroom unit.

How Much is a Short-Term Furnished Rental in Savin Hill?

Furnished short-term rooms for rent in Savin Hill start at $1975 per month, according to current listings on You can rent a furnished four-bedroom apartment with a two-month lease for as low as $5650 per month.