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Rooms for Rent in Upham’s Corner

Located just south of Polish Triangle, Upham’s Corner is a bustling commercial and residential area in the overarching Dorchester neighborhood. Upham’s Corner overlaps with the JFK sub-neighborhood to the east. Like JFK, Upham’s Corner is a highly diverse area close to the University of Massachusetts Boston, where college students and working professionals coexist.

Approximately three miles south of Downtown Boston, Upham’s Corner is generally more affordable than neighborhoods further north like Back Bay and South End. With easy access to major arteries like Interstate 93, Upham’s Corner has become a popular place to live among commuters looking to save money by renting rooms in shared apartments. There is no shortage of available rooms to rent in Upham’s Corner, according to current listings on sites like Kangaroom.com. So if you are thinking about moving into Upham’s Corner and living with roommates is your sort of thing, now is a great time to start your search.

Renting an Apartment in Upham’s Corner

Home to many families, Upham’s Corner is an architecturally significant urban core for the surrounding residential neighborhoods of Dorchester. If you plan to move to Upham’s Corner with friends and family and prefer a single lease, renting an entire apartment is most likely the better option. According to the rental site Trulia, there are over 100 apartments to choose from that are currently available in Upham’s Corner.

Much like the population, the housing stock is diverse and offers a variety of apartments in multi-family structures. You can find everything from studio apartments to six-bedroom units. Rental websites like June have made it simple to search for your next home. With just a few clicks, you will be on your way to touring a lovely apartment in Upham’s Corner.

Short Term Rentals in Upham’s Corner

Finding a short-term lease in neighborhoods like Upham’s Corner is easier than ever, with rental websites like June to guide you through the process. Due to the ever-increasing need for short-term rentals, landlords and property managers across Boston have updated listings to include short-term, month-to-month leasing options. Be aware that such accommodations will likely cost you more than a long-term lease, and prices fluctuate based on whether the apartment or rental comes furnished. You can start your search for a short-term rental in Upham’s Corner today with June.

Things to Do in Upham’s Corner

The intersection of Columbia Road and Dudley/Stoughton Street is considered the commercial heart and soul of Upham’s Corner. This bustling business district is home to a plethora of restaurants and retail stores, as well as historic venues like the Strand Theatre. Established in 1918 as a vaudeville house, the Strand Theatre is a fully restored performing arts center that regularly hosts plays and cultural programs, drawing crowds from all over Boston.

If you are looking for outdoor recreation, Upham’s Corner offers pocket parks and urban green spaces throughout the neighborhood for you to enjoy. To the north of Upham’s Corner, Dorchester Brewing Company is a great place to meet with friends and coworkers for some in-house craft beers and barbecue.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Upham’s Corner

If you are planning to rent an apartment or room in Upham’s Corner, you probably want to get an idea of what you might be spending each month on rent. June is here to help you better prepare for your next move by answering some frequently asked questions regarding rent in Upham’s Corner.

How Much is a Room in Upham’s Corner?

Rooms for rent in Upham’s Corner range from $700 to $1475 per month, according to current listings on Roomies.com. Prices vary based on room size and whether it comes furnished. Other features that may affect the price include private bathrooms and closet space. A furnished queen room in a shared apartment in Upham’s Corner is currently renting for $1475.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Upham’s Corner?

According to Zumper.com, the median rent for one-bedroom units and studio apartments in Upham’s Corner is $1994 per month. Smaller apartments are in short supply, so pricing is less competitive. The price for two-bedroom units ranges from $1645 to $4500, according to current listings on Apartments.com. The median rent for two-bedroom apartments is $2450, a five-percent increase from the previous year, according to Zumper. Anything larger than a two-bedroom unit starts at around $4300 per month and goes up to $6285 for a six-bedroom apartment.

How Much is a Short Term Furnished Rental in Upham’s Corner?

Short-term rental apartments in Upham’s Corner will cost you anywhere from $1994 to $7200, depending on what size unit you are looking for and whether the apartment is a new build. Short-term rooms for rent in Upham’s Corner start at around $1200 and top out at around $1475. Furnished units tend to cost more, as do furnished rooms.