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June Homes: Your Solution for Finding NYC Short Term Rentals

June Homes understands the dynamic needs of today’s travelers and residents. By offering short term rentals starting from a minimum of just 30 days, we provide unparalleled flexibility for those seeking temporary accommodations in New York City. Whether you’re in town for a business venture, a creative project, or just exploring, you can rent a fully furnished apartment or private room tailored to your timeframe. Staying compliant with NYC’s rental regulations, June Homes ensures a seamless and stress-free rental experience amidst the bustling backdrop of the Big Apple. Discover a wide range of options that align with your needs, budget, and desires, all designed to make your NYC adventure as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Essential FAQs to know before you rent

New York City is a place like no other. Imagine living amidst beautiful parks, world-class architecture, and a growing skyline. As America’s fashion capital, NYC is also home to famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. This vibrant city offers a unique blend of experiences, making it a great place to find an apartment or a room to rent. If you’re considering a short term rental in New York, you’re in for an adventure. Explore the various options and let the city’s charm unfold for you.

How flexible are rental durations for NYC properties with June Homes?

With June Homes, you can immerse yourself in the convenience of diverse rental options, from monthly rentals to 6-month and 12-month lease apartments. Whether you’re looking to rent a room for a month, require a 3-month lease for a short-term project, or need a more extended 12-month lease, June Homes offers a range of solutions to fit your specific timeframe needs.

How do you rent an apartment in NYC?

Find a home, take a tour, and sign a lease in as little as 3 hours. Renting an apartment in NYC is simple! Follow the process outlined on our “How It Works” page.

How сan a foreigner rent in New York?

If you’re an international intrigued by the NYC lifestyle, don’t worry! With a valid passport, proof of income, and an US-based co-signer, you can secure a rental in NYC.

What is the usual amount for a security deposit in NYC?

Generally, a security deposit in NYC is equal to one month of rent. This acts as a form of protection for the landlord against potential property damage or missed rental payments and is a standard practice in the New York rental market. 

Can I get around the ‘3 times the rent’ rule in NYC?

Getting around the ‘3 times the rent’ rule in NYC is not as tricky as it sounds. You can find a guarantor, pay a larger security deposit, or pay several months’ rent upfront. OR, contact June Homes for more flexible renting solutions.

Do short term rentals in NYC come furnished?

Many apartments in NYC are fully furnished and ready for immediate move-in. But not all apartments offer this, so it’s wise to check the details.
June Homes provides fully furnished apartments and fully furnished rooms in NYC.

Wondering what rent you can afford in NYC?

Your rent should not exceed 30% of your gross monthly income. If you’re earning $80,000 annually, aim to keep your rent around $2000. Given NYC’s high living costs, this may need adjusting. And don’t forget to factor in extra costs like utilities, groceries, and transport.

Is it more affordable to live with a roommate in NYC?

Yes, it’s typically more affordable to live with a roommate in NYC. Sharing the cost of rent and utilities can make the high cost of living in the city a little more manageable.

What percentage of New Yorkers have roommates?

We can say that approximately 40% of New Yorkers live with roommates. This significant percentage reflects the reality of the city’s living costs, where sharing living spaces is quite common as a way to manage expenses.

Looking for roommates in NYC?

To find roommates, use online platforms, social media groups, or dedicated roommate search websites. June Homes also provides shared rooms, so you can live with others in a well-kept space.

June Homes

June Homes has made moving to and within New York City as easy as possible. For your convenience, we offer rental agreements with flexible lease durations ranging from 1-18 months.

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