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Upper East Side
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Upper East Side


Located northeast of Manhattan, Upper East Side is the trendiest neighborhood in New York. Dotted with magnificent high-rise buildings, lobbies boasting tales of grandeur, and luxurious apartments that are often featured on the covers of glossy magazines – this is the home of the rich, and the famous.


Between the luscious greenery of Central Park, and the beauty of East River, the Upper East Side has a timeless touch of elegance and charm. Without any second thoughts, you know that this is the place where you want to live.


New York City is known for its unique and blended culture. The Upper East Side follows through, having marvelous skyscrapers, stone buildings, elegant towers like the Plaza Hotel and cozy brownstones. There is extra attention paid to cleanliness and top-notch security, making Upper East Side an ideal blend of residential and commercial.


The various avenues of the Upper East Side, particularly Park Ave., Madison Ave., and the iconic Fifth Ave., are known by people around the world. Having starred in several movies and TV shows like Gossip Girl, these names are familiar to most who follow pop culture.

The Perfect NYC Vibe


With streets lined by friendly doormen and cheerful gatekeepers to residential buildings with top-notch concierge services, the Upper East Side is urban to its very core. Despite the usual hustle bustle, the neighborhood has a sense of peace and serenity that is only achieved when you know that you have made it in life.


Residents of the Upper East Side have embraced modern styles picking floor length windows instead of ordinary walls to get a clear view of the city life outside. Residential buildings even have gym and swimming facilities now, encouraging fitness and health.

World Class Educational Institutes


When you think of the Upper East Side, you picture beautiful models drifting from one boutique to the next, with not a worry in the world. Such is the image presented to us in books and movies alike – and while it’s not completely false, there is a lot more to the Upper East Side.

Essentially a family neighborhood, the Upper East Side offers some of the most prestigious academic institutes in the city. With 51 schools dotting the area, education is a key factor that makes it so desired by families.

Art, Culture, and Shopping


The Upper East Side also has rich art and culture. The many museums draw out crowds of art enthusiasts – take The Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, which has over 5,000 years’ worth of art from around the globe.  


It also lives up to the hype of being a top shopping spot. From Louis Vuitton to Prada, and even Nine West and H&M, all of the world’s leading brands have made their presence known on the Avenues of the Upper East Side.


Similar to its shops, the neighborhood is filled with trendy restaurants, and cafes, which are known for creating the most Instagrammable dishes. For example, the cupcake ATM was founded right here, on Lexington Avenue!


The entire world of the Upper East Side may sound like something out of a TV show. The truth, however, is that the Upper East Side is one-of-a-kind, with equal parts magic and mystery, which reel you in.

June Homes


You must come to see our renovated and furnished apartments, homes, rooms in the Upper East Side! We make sure our apartment rentals and room rentals come with amenities and features to make moving as easy as possible. Our furnished room rentals are a great way to save money, but still feel comfortable at home. The UES is a calm and relaxing neighborhood for your new apartment or room. If you’re a student or someone else from the Upper East Side who is tired of having to sign a full year agreement, we offer short-term rentals and sublet options also for our furnished rooms and apartments. Our agreement come from 1 - 12 months, so if a short-term rental agreement is what you’re looking for, you can find that with June Homes!


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