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Situated towards the north of Brooklyn, and south of Greenpoint, Williamsburg is extremely popular among musicians, artists, and dancers.


The inviting and fun vibe of the neighborhood attracts people from everywhere – tourists and locals’ alike flock to the area because of its unique street art, shopping, and street food.


Williamsburg is truly a tale of rags to riches; from a former working-class NYC neighborhood, which was referred to as one of the most dangerous areas in the 1970s, Williamsburg has now become a cultural center for indie music, hipsters, and art.

Walking Through Williamsburg


The years from the late 1990s onwards, have been particularly good to this area of the city. Extensive renovations combined with cheaper rentals, and larger spaces, kick-started its transformation from dark and gritty, to trendy and glam.


Low rents, large areas, and convenient transportation, were what first drew in artists to this area. Initially a small community, the influx of all types of artists (fine arts, music, and dance) continued until a significant population had accumulated. It led to the introduction of several art galleries, and performance theatres – usually in abandoned buildings.


Residents of Williamsburg live in urban lofts that were once factories, and warehouses. There are also a number of luxury apartments at the waterfront, which provide residents a sensational view of the Manhattan skyline.


The old factories have all been graffiti-ed to the max, giving the area an artistic flair. With nobody in rush, and people choosing bikes and skateboards over noisy cabs, Williamsburg is a mix of calm, and hipster.


Visiting Williamsburg today, it is hard to imagine that this district was once deemed as unsafe – today, the atmosphere of the neighborhood is truly inviting, and absolutely loved by its residents.

It is a massive contrast to the busy and noisy life of the metropolis. If you’re looking for a carefree atmosphere to ‘chill’ in, Williamsburg is the place to be!


Fun Things To Do In Williamsburg




Absolutely no urban scene is complete without a good bowling alley; Brooklyn Bowl is not simply a bowling alley, but it also has a restaurant and a music venue.

Food Market


The Smorgasburg Food Market is the place to be, especially if you are a foodie. It has unique foods like no other – from delectable pastries to Ramen burgers, the local delicacies just don’t end.


Smorgasburg translates to ‘a mix of food,’ and that is exactly what you will find at this food market. It is the most popular food market in all of NYC, and attracts New Yorkers from all neighborhoods – and not just for its fantastic food, but also its magnificent view of the East River Waterfront.

Thrift Shopping


It is impossible to consider yourself a part of the old-fashioned world, without thrifting for all sorts of funky clothing, and jewelry. There are thrift stores hidden at every other corner of Williamsburg, allowing you to immerse yourself in the true experience of being in a hipster area.

Williamsburg Bridge


Walking or biking across the bridge, which runs from Lower East Side in Manhattan to Williamsburg, is an all-around great experience.


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