Welcome to Williamsburg – where you can experience a slice of the indie Brooklyn lifestyle without being too far from Manhattan. A recently developed neighborhood that has become a hot spot for new brunch, hip boutiques and a trendy nightlife scene. Situated towards the north of Brooklyn, and south of Greenpoint, Williamsburg is extremely popular among musicians, artists, and dancers. The old factories of the neighborhood have all been graffiti-ed to the max, giving the area an artistic flair. With nobody in rush, and people choosing bikes and skateboards over noisy cabs, Williamsburg is a mix of calm, and hipster.

The Smorgasburg Food Market is the place to be in Williamsburg, especially if you are a foodie. It has unique foods like no other, from delectable pastries to Ramen burgers: the local delicacies are limitless! Smorgasburg translates to “a mix of food,” and that is exactly what you will find. It is the most popular food market in all of NYC, and attracts New Yorkers from all neighborhoods and not just for its fantastic food, but also its magnificent view of the East River Waterfront. To balance out all the feasting – walking or biking across the bridge, which runs from the Lower East Side in Manhattan to Williamsburg, is an all-around great experience.