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Upper West Side


Considered as one of the wealthiest and safest neighborhoods, Upper West Side is really one of the best places to live in New York City. Running along the west side of the iconic Central Park, the area is distinguished by regal, two-towered apartment structures.


Lined with residential buildings that look surprisingly familiar, the Upper West Side has featured in numerous movies and TV shows, like Seinfeld and 30 Rock. This was where Chuck Bass of The CW’s famous Gossip Girl bought and built his infamous hotel.

Exclusive Condos


The Upper West Side is filled with famous apartment buildings, including San Remo, the Eldorado, and Century apartments, and each project is characterized by two towers.


Some of the other exclusive and iconic buildings include the famous Shearith Israel Synagogue, and the First Church of Christ. Another gem in the Upper West Side is the luxurious apartment building, Apple Bank, which was formerly the Central Savings Bank.

A True Residential Area


Safe and family-friendly, the Upper West Side is sandwiched between Central Park and Riverside Park. As you make your way through the avenues (Columbus, Amsterdam, etc.), you’ll see that the cozy low rise brownstones perfectly blend in with modern skyscrapers. Families pushing strollers or walking their dogs are common sights.


The residents are blessed with gorgeous sunsets and a beautiful view of the greenery of Central Park. The Upper West Side has an urban feel with most of its inhabitants being young professionals and retirees, who frequently brunch at Sarabeth’s.


Of course, it’s not completely residential. The American Museum of Natural History, the Beacon Theatre, and the very popular Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, are all located in the Upper West Side – with plenty of shopping, food, and nightlife to enjoy as well.

Highbrow Entertainment


Downtown is where rock n roll rules, while all the glamor of the Broadway can be seen in Midtown – however, the Upper West Side is where pop-culture history meets entertainment.

With eleven performing arts centers, such as the New York City Ballet, the Lincoln Center is truly the hub of entertainment on the Upper West Side.


At the northern side of the neighborhood, you’ll find another iconic landmark – the Beacon Theatre of fame, where stars like Michael Jackson, and even the Rolling Stones, have performed in the past. This is also where the Tony Awards were hosted for two consecutive years; 2011 and 2012.


The uptown train takes you to another world filled with entertainment, dance, music, drama and comedy – the Symphony Space. The adjoining bar/café also hosts enlightening literary salons, and exciting jazz sessions.

Brunchin’ at Columbus Avenue


Living up to its homey, residential aura, the Upper West Side has a number of spots for brunch. Hearty and comforting dishes, like French toasts, bacon waffles, and cheddar omelets, won’t do much to uphold your diet, but are sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Lined with glass windows, Caffe Storico offers a clear view of the outside world, while diners are presented with all sorts of cheese platters, and other dishes that carry the taste of authentic Italian cuisine – such as a scrumptious mushroom ragout.

Of course, we can’t forget the classic breakfast; bagels. No one does a warm, toasty, or cheesy bagel better than Zabar’s.

The Upper West Side is teeming with culture and history; museums, and art halls, dot the entire area, and fancy boutiques invite you in with promises of smooth silk, and lustrous fabric. Despite being quite affluent, the Upper West Side is just a little bit humbler than its downtown neighbors – more along the lines of Seinfeld, than Gossip Girl.


June Homes works hard to find great and affordable rooms and we're happy to report we've succeeded in that goal. Our selection of fully furnished flexible month to month rentals means you'll always have a home available in New York City on the Upper West Side.

Highbrow Entertainment


Come see our fully furnished apartments and our fully furnished rooms on the Upper West Side! We make sure our rental apartments come with amenities and features to make moving as easy as possible. On the co-living side, our room rentals are a great way to save money, but still feel comfortable at home. The Upper West Side is known for having many fun activities right nearby the apartments and rooms you are looking to rent. We care about where you’re living. That’s why we’ve sourced homes in neighborhoods like the Upper West Side so you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of New York City, while being able to kick back and relax in a quiet area when you get home. All you need is your suitcase--we’ll take care of the rest. With flexible month-to-month contracts, you can choose how long you stay. June Homes is here to help you make the right move. 


June Homes


June Homes provides great fully furnished and fully renovated rooms and apartments along the Upper West Side! We make sure our apartment rentals and room rentals have great access to transportation so you can get anywhere you need in the city. Saving money is easy with our  furnished room rentals. The UWS is a fun and relaxing neighborhood for your new apartment or room. If you’re a student or someone else from the Upper West Side who does not want to sign a full year agreement, we were made for you! We offer short-term rentals and sublet options also for our furnished rooms and apartments. Our rental agreements are from 1 - 12 months, so if a short-term rental agreement is what you’re looking for, you can move-in to a furnished apartment or a furnished room on the Upper West Side today!

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