Welcome to Ridgewood, a densely populated residential neighborhood located in the New York City borough of Queens. Straddling the Brooklyn-Queens border, Ridgewood is bounded by Maspeth to the north, Middle Village to the northeast, Glendale to the southeast, and Bushwick to the west. Settled by the British in the 17th century, Ridgewood was predominantly farmland for many years. While neighboring Bushwick started developing in the early 19th century, Ridgewood remained rural and undeveloped until the late 19th century and early 20th century, when many German immigrants began inhabiting the area to work at the increasing number of breweries, factories, and mills. While German roots run deep in Ridgewood, this neighborhood today is home to a diverse group of families, college students, and working-class professionals.

Mostly zoned for commercial use along main streets, and residential on side streets, Ridgewood is known for its beautiful, single-family rowhouses and tightly-knit, neighborly vibes. This area is also distinguished by its exposed brick architecture, as seen in the multi-family apartments and rowhouses near the Brooklyn border. Many homes erected between 1905 and 1920 are still standing today and accentuate the urban charm found in these tree-lined, walkable streets. An affordable alternative to the higher housing prices found in Brooklyn, this 1156-acre neighborhood supports a population of roughly 69,000 with a median age of around 38. Ridgewood has several commercial districts along the avenues of Forest, Metropolitan, and Myrtle, as well as Fresh Pond Road, where you will find bohemian cafes, bookstores, record shops, restaurants, supermarkets, and much more. One of the best-kept secrets in Queens, Ridgewood offers a little of everything that you might find in the highly-frequented Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bushwick and Williamsburg.

Ridgewood is served by New York City Subway’s B Division of the IND Sixth Avenue Line, making this an easily accessible neighborhood for those who need to commute. The M train will take you up Broadway, through Williamsburg, and into Manhattan. Spend an afternoon exploring the numerous supermarkets along Fresh Pond Road and then have lunch at the famous Valentino Food Market, a popular one-stop shop for Italian fare with hot prepared food, an impressive deli selection, and wine sold by the gallon. Grab the family and friends and head over to pet-friendly Joseph F. Mafera Park for some weekend exercise and fresh air. Here you will find baseball fields, basketball courts, and playgrounds.