Short Term Rentals & Furnished Apartments in Prospect Park South, Brooklyn

Rooms for Rent in Prospect Park South

Just south of beautiful Prospect Park in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, you will find the eponymously named residential neighborhood of Prospect Park South. Known to be a family-friendly district within the Flatbush area of Brooklyn, Prospect Park South has the distinct feel of a rural suburb as opposed to an urban neighborhood.

Large plots of land, grand homes, and beautiful trees set away from the street are just a few characteristics that define Prospect Park South. Once you feel the undeniable charm that this historic neighborhood emits, you will understand why so many people are looking to move here.

Renting a room in a shared apartment in Prospect Park South is likely the most convenient and affordable option if you have your heart set on living here. Whether you are planning to stay for a few months or an entire year, June can help you find a room you will love.

Renting an Apartment in Prospect Park South

At 47 acres, this tightly-knit residential neighborhood is known for its impressive architecture and quiet streets. Its lack of commercial activity–and the noise that often accompanies it–keeps the long-term residents who live here happy. Unfortunately, this means finding an apartment for rent in Prospect Park South can be difficult, as those who move here end up staying for many years.

Thankfully, the resources available to apartment hunters today make navigating the rental market easy. You do not need to waste precious hours of your day driving around the neighborhood hoping to find a rental sign. Check out our Prospect Park South listing page for a regularly updated list of entire apartments and rooms for rent.

Short Term Rentals in Prospect Park South

Short-term rentals have become a popular option for many traveling professionals over the past few years. You may have some difficulty finding a short-term lease in Prospect Park South due to the highly sought-after nature of homes and apartments in this neighborhood. When you find a place you are thinking about renting in Prospect Park South, be sure to ask the leasing agent or property manager about available options.

Keep in mind that every June apartment and room for rent in Prospect Park South qualifies for short-term leasing. If you are looking to rent month-to-month, June is more than willing to accommodate your needs.

Things to Do in Prospect Park South

Unlike nearby Prospect Lefferts Gardens, this neighborhood is not known for its entertainment options and nightlife venues. However, there are plenty of things to enjoy in Prospect Park South, especially if you love the outdoors. The biggest attraction in this area is Prospect Park to the north. No matter which street you end up living on, this lovely 526-acre urban green space is a short walk from your front door.

If you are hoping to experience some of the Caribbean flavors this Brooklyn area is known for, check out Suzi’s Roti Parlour on Church Avenue. This commercial thoroughfare, although sparsely populated, is home to retail stores and various other ethnic eateries.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Prospect Park South

June understands how stressful it can be when you decide to move into a new neighborhood, especially if you are on a strict budget. One of the determining factors in the decision-making process is the price of a room or entire apartment. Rental prices in Prospect Park South will vary based on what you require in an apartment.

How Much is a Room in Prospect Park South?

The average price of a single room in a shared apartment in Prospect Park South can range anywhere from $775 to $1400 per month, according to current listings on Rooms on the higher end of the price spectrum tend to be larger and may offer features like a private bathroom. Some rooms are couple-friendly, while others are not. Be sure to ask your listing agent for all the details if you plan to move in with a partner.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Prospect Park South?

According to current listings on, studios and one-bedroom apartments in Prospect Park South generally range from $1750 to $6000 per month. Units in newer buildings with private amenities will be on the higher end of that scale. The median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $2299 per month. Be prepared to pay approximately $3453 per month for anything larger than two bedrooms in Prospect Park South.

How Much is a Short Term Furnished Rental in Prospect Park South?

Furnished apartments and furnished rooms, although somewhat difficult to find, are available in Prospect Park South. As with entire apartments and single rooms, numerous factors like size and location affect the price per month that you will be paying. Furnished rooms for rent in Prospect Park South start at around $1250 per month but can run you as high as $1525.