Apartments for Rent in New York City: What You Should Know

New York City is a city made for renters. More than two-thirds of households in NYC rent and more people live in apartments in New York than in any other U.S. state. So, if you’re looking to rent in New York, you’re in good company.

The process of finding an apartment can be daunting.

We love New York City as much as you do and know the challenges of renting and that's why June Homes is here to simplify this process for you. We can walk you through the NYC rental process and help you find an entire apartment or a bedroom, and you will not need to look for roommates, we will take over this process for you so that you can enjoy a hassle free stay and explore what New York City has to offer you.

How do I decide where to live in NYC?

With high demand and all that New York City has to offer, rentals tend to demand a high price. As renters you want to absolutely make sure that you love the place you choose to call home. For most renters location is the key and we totally get that as this will impact your experience in the city. Many of the iconic tourist spots are in Manhattan, while Brooklyn is a hot spot for creative types, and Queens is known for its green parks and residential neighborhoods. Meanwhile, the Bronx is a cultural epicenter that’s loved by baseball fans, and Staten Island feels like an escape from city life while still being close to all the action.

Is it hard to get an apartment in New York City?

Navigating the rental market in New York City can be challenging due to several factors. The high demand and competitive nature of the market can make finding an ideal apartment difficult. Prospective tenants are often required to provide proof of income (typically 3 times the monthly rent), a solid credit history, and sometimes, references. Apartments tend to rent quickly, so speed and readiness are essential. Despite these challenges, many find success by using real estate agents, apartment listing websites, and leveraging their network for leads.

Endless options, right at your fingertips! With June Homes you can find a home, take a tour, and sign a lease in as little as 3 hours.

How to find apartments for rent in New York City? 

The best way to discover your dream rental is to start your search with June Homes. We partner with landlords and take multiple apartments at a time, which allows us to negotiate savings and pass the discounts on to you. And every saving is crucial when living in NYC. 

In addition to negotiating a great deal for you, we also believe in creating a comfortable and desirable living space. Our experienced design team renovates each apartment so that you’ll have beautiful space to move into.The apartment lifestyle simply doesn’t get any better than this! 

What does a short-term rental in New York City mean?

A short-term rental in New York City refers to leasing a furnished apartment for a period of less than 12 months. Short-term leases in NYC are perfect for students, travel nurses, or other professionals who need extended stays or are always on the move. June provides rentals starting from a one-month lease period.

Is it better to rent a furnished apartment in NYC?

Whether it's better to rent a furnished apartment in NYC largely depends on your specific circumstances. Furnished apartments are typically more convenient for short-term stays or for those who don't want to deal with purchasing  and moving furniture which can be costly. Furnished homes typically demand higher prices.  However, If you're planning a long-term stay and can invest time and resources in furnishing, an unfurnished apartment might be a more economical choice. Always consider your needs, budget, and time frame before deciding.

Can you rent an apartment for 1 month in NYC?

As June Homes, we offer the opportunity to rent an apartment in New York City for as little as one month. Our mission is to streamline the rental process by providing temporary furnished, ready-to-move-in apartments. We aim to offer flexibility and convenience, even for short-term stays in New York City. Please note, specific availability can vary, and for some apartments, a minimum lease term may apply. We encourage potential renters to check our website or reach out to our sales team for detailed information.

Can you get an apartment in NYC without a job?

It's possible to rent an apartment in NYC without a job, but it can be challenging. Landlords typically require proof of income that's 40-50 times the monthly rent. If you're unemployed, you might need to provide a larger security deposit, saving, prepay rent, or have a guarantor who earns 80-100 times the monthly rent and is willing to co-sign the lease.

June Homes

June Homes has made moving to and within New York City as easy as possible. For your convenience, we offer rental agreements with flexible lease durations ranging from 1-18 months.

Start your renting journey now!

What is the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New York City, NY?

The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in New York City starts at $3450 per month. As of July 19, 2024 there are 89 1-bedroom apartments available for rent in New York City, NY