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East Village

East Village


Extending north from East Houston Street, all the way to Fourth Avenue and East River, East Village is a colorful, bustling part of New York City – and the birthplace of numerous artistic movements, including the Nuyorican literary movement, and punk rock.


Modern day East Village has a fun, gritty, and creative energy; with old school vibes that bring back memories of the good old days of New York City.


East Village is also home to many restaurants, festivals, markets, and parks, such as Tompkins Square Park.

From Farmlands To A Trendy Neighborhood


Originally a farm, the neighborhood that is now East Village, stretched from Fourth Avenue to the East River, and from 17th street to 5th street.


The arrival of hippies in the late 1950s led to the adoption of the name “East Village’, which was, until then, considered a part of the Lower East Side.



Most of the buildings found in East Village are tenement apartments, particularly in Alphabet City. Their flat brick façade is the main feature that sets these buildings apart, which is further accentuated by rows of gleaming windows.


Once considered low-income housing, these beautiful units are now prime real estate options, due to their ideal location, and unique style.



The East Village neighborhood is filled with new restaurants and small theatres, which provide all the entertainment needed by the residents.

While there aren’t many galleries left in the area, open exhibitions spaces are still popular among the people.

Diverse Cuisines


Making a list of the best eateries in East Village is almost impossible!

From delicious dishes paired with a selection of red wines, to a delightful range of freshly caught seafood, East Village has hundreds of restaurants offering a diverse range of cuisines.  

Tompkins Square Park


Right in the middle of East Village, this popular park is the perfect centerpiece for an eclectic neighborhood housing artists, fashion lovers, and party goers.

The 10.5-acre park has two playgrounds, a running pitch for your pets, and numerous basketball courts for teenagers.

Easy Commute


Since it is located on the East Side of lower Manhattan, East Village is easily accessible via public transportation, including trains and buses.

There are also several subway stops around the neighborhood’s perimeter, with the 4, 5, and 6 trains stopping at Union Square, along with the N, R, and Q. The Union Square station also offers access to the L train, which then runs along 14th street, and into Brooklyn.


Along with an impressive farmer’s market, live music, and many other events throughout summers, East Village is great for anyone who wants to embrace their quirky side. Whether you’re into people-watching, or a theatre fanatic, there’s plenty for everyone.


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