Rooms for Rent in Central Park

One of New York City’s most highly sought-after places to live, Central Park is located near the heart of Manhattan. Surrounded by luxurious apartment buildings, the world-famous public park, to which this historic district lends its name, serves as a centerpiece for one of the greatest cities in the United States. Central Park is divided into two distinct and charming Manhattan neighborhoods: Upper West Side and Upper East Side.

Regardless of the size, renting an entire apartment in Central Park will cost a lot. Renting a room in Central Park is likely a better option for those looking to save money without giving up the prestige of living in this majestic area. If you are moving to New York City for the first time, renting a room in a shared apartment is a great way to go about making new friends and professional relationships. The residential density of Central Park makes it easy to find a room to rent in a shared apartment that fits your lifestyle needs.

Renting an Apartment in Central Park

Known for its lavish apartments and condos that overlook Central Park, this historic Manhattan district is home to New York City’s elite. However, it is not all penthouses and luxurious two-story apartments. There are more reasonably priced units for rent in the neighborhoods of Upper West Side and Upper East Side.

If you and some friends are considering moving into the highly sought-after Central Park area, it is never too early to start hunting for the perfect apartment. Apartments in this area are in high demand and tend to rent quickly. A smart strategy for landing your dream apartment is to frequently check online rental listing websites like June to see if new homes have become available.

Short Term Rentals in Central Park

If you are one of the many professionals who travel extensively for work, you are probably familiar with short-term rentals. You might even be looking for one in lovely Central Park. Due to the growing demand for short-term rentals, property managers and landlords in New York City have started to offer month-to-month leasing, catering to the needs of traveling professionals and college students.

Do not let your abbreviated stay in Manhattan deter you from living in one of the city's hottest neighborhoods. Finding a short-term rental, be it a room or an entire apartment, is no longer a headache-inducing process. Rental listing websites today offer filters to help you narrow down your search. And keep in mind that June offers short-term leasing on every apartment and room you find in our system.

Things to Do in Central Park

Let us start by stating that Central Park is a walker’s paradise, where everything from cultural attractions to designer fashion shopping is mere blocks from your home.

Renting a room in Central Park allows tenants to save money they can later use to see a live musical performance at the renowned Beacon Theatre. If you are in the mood for some culture, you can always spend that hard-earned cash on a ticket to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Let June help you secure a short-term or long-term lease on a room for rent in a shared apartment near iconic Central Park attractions and restaurants like Taven on the Green.

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Central Park

If you are new to the Central Park area, you probably have some questions about the cost of living. June has compiled some rental pricing data for rooms and apartments in Central Park based on other rental listing websites and presented it here to help give you a better idea of what you might be paying each month.

How Much is a Room in Central Park?

According to rental pricing data available on, the price for single rooms in shared apartments in this district start at around $750 per month. Private rooms with en suite bathrooms in luxurious apartments along Museum Mile or Central Park West can cost as much as $2800 per month. Couple-friendly rooms and short-term rentals will often cost you more.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Central Park?

The median rent for an apartment in Central Park is $4820 per month, according to Studio apartments and one-bedroom units will cost anywhere from $2400 to $3800 per month. According to, the median price for two-bedroom apartments is $8200 but costs as much as $35,000 per month. According to, three-bedroom units range from $4100 to $55000 per month.

How Much is a Short-Term Furnished Rental in Central Park?

Unfurnished short-term rentals in Central Park start at around $1450 for single rooms in shared apartments and cost upwards of $4775 for entire two-bedroom units. Unfurnished studio apartments offering short-term leases can be found for as low as $2950 per month.