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Central Park


Central Park is the most popular urban park in the US, with over 25 million people visiting it annually.


Located between the Upper East and Upper West sides, this massive park covers an area of 843 acres. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1963, and placed on the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2017.


An Oasis Of Luscious Greenery Among the Concrete Grey


New York City is a concrete jungle, with the daily hustle and bustle of life set against a background of skyscrapers and office buildings.


For a lot of people, this urban environment can cause a longing for open fields filled with greenery; which is why Central Park is an ideal retreat for people in the city.


Regardless of your age or income, a short trip to Central Park can be the perfect getaway. You can roll out a blanket, and have a cozy picnic, or stroll along the bridle path, watching jugglers, dancers, and dog walkers go about their day.


This expansive and excellently landscaped park has numerous sights - be it natural (flower gardens, ponds, wildlife), or man-made (theatre performances, concerts, art installations).


Much More Than Just A Park


Spread out in the heart of the busy metropolis; Central Parks brings all of New York together on the same grassy land.


From the Upper East Side moms with their perfectly ironed summer dresses, to teenagers throwing a ball around, and even theatre performers and musicians – this park has something for everyone.


In addition to the vast green lawn, the park also boasts multiple artificial lakes, miles of hiking trails, a zoo, a wildlife sanctuary, and many playgrounds for children.


Ice Skating Rinks


When the cold rushes in, and snow blankets the city, Central Park becomes an enchanting winter paradise. The trees become dusted with snow, and ice skaters come out to twirl around the rink, which has featured in many movies like Serendipity.


The 4 Mile Midnight Run


On New Year’s Eve, people of all ages, and in different costumes, come together for an event known as the 4 Mile Midnight Run. This event is hosted by the New York Road Runners, and is the final race of the year.


Despite the cold, and the late start, this is one of the healthiest and fun ways to spend New Year’s Eve. The event ends with majestic fireworks that light up the night sky, and leave everyone in awe.


Shakespeare In The Park


During summertime, there are many cultural events, including concerts, music festivals, and even plays held in the park.


One such event involves famous Shakespearean plays, held at the Delacorte Theatre. For a few weeks, one or more of these plays are in the theatre, and you can see them free of cost!


Central Park is the best way to relax in New York City, and offers a break from the wall-to-wall concrete, and traffic congestion of the city.


People residing near the park truly get the best of both worlds, i.e., the signature Big Apple life, as well as 843 acres of greenery and nature.


Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Woody Allen, Mary Tyler Moore, etc., also live around Central Park, in magnificent buildings lining Central Park West and Central Park South.


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