Short Term Rentals & Furnished Apartments in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn

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Rooms for Rent in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Prospect Lefferts Gardens is a residential neighborhood located in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn. Often referred to as PLG for short, Prospect Lefferts Gardens offers those looking to move here a variety of options when it comes to housing. One of the most appealing aspects of PLG is its diverse offering of affordable rooms for rent.

Once a vacation destination for New York City’s wealthy denizens in the 19th century, today, Prospect Lefferts Gardens is a hub for Caribbean-American culture in Brooklyn. A family-friendly area that is home to some of the best ethnic restaurants in Brooklyn, PLG has recently become a magnet for college students and professionals looking for spacious rooms in historic townhouse apartments and mid-rise buildings.

Are you new to Prospect Lefferts Gardens and hoping to make friends? Maybe you prefer the comfort and safety of living with roommates. Renting a single room in PLG is the right choice for numerous reasons.

Renting an Apartment in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Prospect Lefferts Gardens is a residential area where the population is almost as diverse as the housing stock. Apartments in this neighborhood come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags. Due to its proximity to Prospect Park, Lefferts Manor, and the always-popular Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, PLG is rapidly becoming a destination for middle-class and wealthy New Yorkers who love front porches on historic homes with backyard gardens and the serenity of tree-lined thoroughfares. 

While there is the tried and true method of roaming the neighborhood in search of your next home, June has made it easier than ever to browse, tour, and rent the apartment of your dreams in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. 

Short Term Rentals in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

While it might be difficult to find short-term leasing in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, there are available options if you are a traveling business person or medical professional unsure of how long you plan to stay. Be sure to ask any company you choose to rent from upfront about leasing options.

Like many adults all across the United States that are members of the ever-growing gig economy, June understands the importance of short-term leasing. That is why our Prospect Lefferts Gardens listings are not only stylish and streamlined, they are flexible when it comes to leasing agreements. All of our listings offer month-to-month leasing, including entire apartments.

Things to Do in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

With Prospect Lefferts Gardens being so close to the heart of Brooklyn, there is no shortage of things to do and see when you choose to rent a room in this charming neighborhood. If you are an active individual that enjoys the great outdoors, you will want to explore all of the many amenities offered at Prospect Park.

Many of June’s rooms for rent in PLG are located near one of two commercial thoroughfares. Take a walk down to bustling Flatbush Avenue and enjoy a hot cup of coffee at a locally-owned cafe like Brooklyn Perk Coffee. 

FAQs about Renting Rooms in Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Most of the questions we receive about Prospect Lefferts Gardens pertain to the cost of living. At June, we understand the importance of these financial questions. When it comes to weighing your options and planning your next move, knowing what you might be paying each month in rent is a helpful piece of information.

How Much is a Room in Prospect Lefferts Gardens?

The housing options in Prospect Lefferts Gardens are diverse, as are the price ranges for a single room in a shared apartment. A lot of different factors come into play, including the location, the overall size of the room, and whether it has a private bathroom. Based on current data and prices in the June network, single rooms in PLG range from $1050 to $1325 per month.

How Much is to Rent an Apartment in Prospect Lefferts Gardens?

The pricing for entire apartments varies even greater than rooms for rent. Studios and one-bedroom units in PLG range from $1400 to $2800 per month. According to, the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment is approximately $2639. Any apartment with more than two bedrooms starts at roughly $3200 and can get up to $6000 per month for large, multi-story apartments with multiple bathrooms. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is currently $1860.

How Much is a Short Term Furnished Rental in Prospect Lefferts Gardens?

A one-bedroom furnished apartment in PLG starts at $2700 per month, while a furnished room can be yours for as low as $1375 according to Zillow. While there is not much difference in price between an apartment in an elevator building versus a walk-up, the total number of bedrooms and bathrooms will affect your monthly rent. Other factors like appliances, building amenities, and whether the apartment comes furnished will factor into the price. June offers both furnished rooms and furnished apartments for rent.